Why Your Memory Foam Mattress Needs a Protector


Your mattress, like many things in the world, does not always stay new. Things change and over time your mattress accumulates dust, dirt and grime.

Simply put, your mattress needs a protector. It is the most important accessory to have for your mattress.

Mattress protectors act more than just render aesthetic functionality. They are essential in getting good sleep. Not many understand their significance and benefits.

Let’s look at how it acts as armour and keeps it safe from many elements.

Keeps Your Mattress Brand New

The prime benefit of using mattress covers is, they make your mattress durable. They’ll help in keeping your mattresses brand new for a long time.

The human body constantly sheds skin on a microscopic level. It all can get collected on your mattress over time. That creates ‘wet spots’. It can eventually stain and ruin your mattress. A protector will prevent it.

Easy To Clean

Your mattress and its protector are easy to clean.

Whenever you feel the need to clean your mattress, just toss the protector into the machine and get the work done in a jiffy.

This convenient way avoids all the slogging you have to do with an old vacuum cleaner.

Keeps The Warranty Intact

The warranties on mattresses don’t cover the burns and spills on them. Even then a typical warranty period presently for a mattress is roughly 10 years!

So the wise choice to make the most out of your warranty is to use a mattress protector. It prevents staining and all other kinds of damages unintentionally inflicted on the mattress. You can be worry-free about your warranty and avail it without hesitation if the need arises.

Protection From Allergies

With your regular usage, your mattress keeps collecting germs and bacteria. Your dead skin and body oils released are favourite snacks of the dust mites. The excess build-up of these organisms can give rise to allergies and their unfavourable symptoms. You’ll witness constant sneezing and scary shortness of breath.

So before you let out a fierce sneeze on your mattress every time you lay down to relax, consider covering it up with a protector. Since it is easily cleanable, you won’t be suffering from the ugly consequences of an allergy-laden dirty mattress.

Shield Against Dust