Women’s Football: Leagues, Cups, Popularity & Money

Women’s Football: Leagues, Cups, Popularity & Money


Women’s football is a part of betting which is beginning to gain more attention in recent แทงบอล. It has been around for quite some time however, bookmakers have been slow in the adoption rate and in general terms the market and coverage are not as strong, particularly when in comparison to the male game.


As football continues to grow with figures for viewing and participation numbers rising, likely due to the England Women’s Team and the England Women’s team, we are starting to see more bookies getting involved in women’s football.


This article will take you through what’s available currently and provide a look at the aspects of the business which we believe will begin to expand in the coming years.

International Football

Internationally, the scene getting going and it’s likely to be here that offers the most comprehensive view about the progress of this sport. It is the FIFA Women’s world Rankings came into effect in 2003 and since then , has been able to include more than 170 countries in the ranking system. To put it in context, the men’s game is played by 211 nations which indicates that women’s football is played in a huge number of nations that are eligible.


This ranking method has served as an important factor in the development of the sport at an international level even though the vast majority of international women’s matches are friendly the ranking system has served as an opportunity for growth and also reveals which countries are building the development of their squads the most efficiently.


The rankings are retroactive to include all international matches that was played from the year 1971, which was the very first FIFA-recognized match between France with the Netherlands. This is different from the men’s by excluding matches from the past 4 years. It’s thought that women’s football will be played in the same timeframe as it becomes clear that the amount of matches every nation plays starts to grow.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup is the ultimate level of play and has been held every four years since 1991. The event is like that of men’s World Cup in that it comprises qualifying phase, group stage, then an elimination stage before deciding who will win.


It is believed that the United States are the most successful team, with three wins in the tournament, followed by Germany second with two wins and Norway and Japan each having one win each. The attendance at tournaments has been high and growth since the 1991 World Cup in China to this point has been incredible:


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  • China 1991 World Cup Total Attendance: 510,000
  • France 2019 World Cup Total Attendance: 1,131,312

As more countries develop the women’s football team and build on the groundwork that has already been set, it’s possible that there will be more teams increase by a factor of 32 from 24, and operate similar to for the male’s World Cup.


There are plenty of other tournaments organized around the world to support women’s football apart from the World Cup. They are comprised of invitational tournaments. While they don’t have the same stature that World Cup, they are still a significant part of it. World Cup, they do have rankings points. The tournaments comprise:

  • Algarve Cup
  • Cyprus Cup
  • SheBelieves Cup
  • Istria Cup
  • Four Nations Tournament

While these tournaments aren’t managed by the official governing bodies เว็บแทงบอล, there are many tournaments that are. This includes the likes of The UEFA Women’s championship, Copa America Femenina and the Pan American Games both run by CONMEBOL, AFC Women’s Asia Cup and Asian Games run by AFC, Africa Women Cup of Nations which is run by CAF and CAF’s Women’s Nations Cup run by the OFC.

Domestic Leagues

Domestic football is most likely where the greatest advances have been made in the women’s game. And although standards differ but there are many excellent teams in Europe and all over the world.


England is one of the most competitive leagues, which is the Super League. This is similar as the women’s Premier League and the best teams in England are competing to win it. The league was established in 2011 and at first comprised eight teams. Each team was allowed select four professional players that were able to earn a salary of more than PS20,000. The topic of salary and earnings within the women’s sport later in this article.


Since the League has evolved it has grown to 11 teams, with the goal to have 14 teams the 2025 timeframe. The initial plans for semi-professional teams have been scrapped, and teams are now considered professionally-run.


Outside of Europe The National Women’s football League in the United States is probably the next largest domestic league that is available. It’s been in operation since 2012, so it’s relatively new, however often the prize is greater than the leagues in Europe which is why it draws top players from all over the world into the US to take part in. The league has nine teams, with each playing 24 games during the entire season.