10 Contemporary Artists You Should Know


10 Contemporary Artists You Should KnowMeet the ten contemporary artists who have made a mark for themselves in the UK Contemporary Art scene.

Takashi Murakami

Considered one of the most commendable Asian artists of recent times, Takashi Murakami is known for being simultaneously appealing to both the masses and the artistic elites. His works portray Japanese art forms, ’flat art’ in his words, in innovative ways. He is also known for his collaboration with the popular brand Louis Vuitton.

Signe Pierce

Pierce is known for her “meta-modernist” take on the current world scenario, which usually deals with the impacts of technology in our current society. She is also known for her powerful feminist art statements which portray the violence on women.

Carrie Reichardt (Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt)

Reichardt calls herself a “craftivist” since she uses her craft as a medium of activism. Her unique style of creating layered images on ceramics that are often strong political statements has made significant waves in the artistic community.

Ai Weiwei

A strong voice against fascism in China, Ai Weiwei is an important presence in the wake of increasing fascist governments. His works are highly iconographic and symbolic yet popular among the masses. He remains a strong voice against his own governments despite having been incarcerated.

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville is a British artist who challenges the conventional notions of how a Human body should look. Her works include unconventional sculptures of the female body and often self-portraits.

Julie Tuyet Curtiss

This French artist based in New York has often been compared to Dali, and understandably so. A millennial herself, Curtiss uses social media platforms such as Instagram to publish her works, and her works often reflect the features of the medium.

Barnaby Barford

A London-based artist who works with ceramic and paper, Barford is known for his criticism of the consumer and celebrity culture that plagues the world now. His works also engage with the culture and society of London directly.

Rashaad Newsome

One of the most versatile artists in terms of the medium of expression, Rashaad Newsome, gives voice to queer black communities through sculptures, music, videos, computer programming etc. His works often include real-life materials such as voices to portray the inescapable reality of the queer and black communities.


Banksy came into the British art scene as a rebel graffiti artist in Bristol and has since established himself as a very powerful voice in the artist circles. Banksy’s graffiti works have a distinct style conveyed through witty stencil work. He has also branched out into other areas of artistic expression such as filmmaking and painting while remaining an activist at heart.

Word To Mother

An English artist who also comes from graffiti and street art, Word to Mother has since also established himself in fine arts. His works are primarily social observations that convey intimate insights into people’s lives while also breaking the intensity with a humorous touch.