4 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired

4 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your roof. We’ll be taking a look at # signs that will point to what might be the obvious: it needs to be repaired. The sooner you get it done, the better off you’ll be.

Roof issues happen in both residential and commercial settings. And it can be quite costly if nothing is done about it as soon as possible. If you are not sure about whether or not your roof needs repairing, you might want to pay close attention to the list of signs below.

With that said, let’s get right to it:

1. Your Attic Is Leaking

One of the obvious signs for roof repair in Atlanta is leaks. Whether it’s rain or melting snow, water can find a way into your house and leak in some places. And it can and will lead to even greater problems.

The last thing you want is water damage that can lead to mold growth. Mold can trigger plenty of illnesses for you and your family. And it may even be hard to get rid of (not to mention, expensive).

2. Shingles Are Falling Apart

If you see shingles falling apart, crumbling, or even curling then maybe it’s time to get them replaced. That’s because they are common signs of shingles that are approaching the end of their lifespan. Re-shingling them might be a good option, but a complete roof repair might be even better (depending on the severity of the damage). You should also keep an eye out for wind damage or hail damage on your roof.

3. Wear And Tear Around Openings And Objects

Of course, wear and tear are normal on almost everything. But if you notice is around chimneys, pipes, gutters, and so on then it’s probably a good idea to consider getting the roof repaired as soon as you can. This can lead to so many problems down the road including leaks (and we already know what leaks can lead to).

4. Paint Is Blistering Or Peeling

If you notice the paint in your attic is blistering or peeling, this is a sign of increased humidity or moisture within the roofline. Also, it’s a sign that the attic itself is lacking ventilation. You may want to check on your gutter system as well since there is a good chance that an issue might be happening now even as you read this.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the signs of your roof needing repair is key. Especially if it’s happening within your home or business. It never hurts to inspect your roof once in a while to see if everything is in good condition.

The sooner you track down potential issues, the better off you’ll be. Plus, the sooner you catch those issues you’ll be able to see minor work down as opposed to major repairs that will cost you a lot of money. Don’t let the small problems with your roof become big ones.

You can also get a roofing professional to inspect it for you if you think there’s a problem. It may cost you a bit of money. But it’s better to check now than never at all. This article is brought to you by one of the best roofing companies in Atlanta, Colony Roofers.