5 Best Home Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Toys

5 Best Home Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Toys


One of the stereotypes in having kids at home is to have a bunch of toys in almost every part of your house. The words toys and kids will always be associated with each other. Where there is a kid, there is a toy, and where there is a toy, there will be for sure a lot of storage baskets or organizers involved.

Babysitting is a serious task that requires a lot of paying attention, not to mention the constant toy keeping, which is why it requires so much patience as you will be running after and probably picking up toys from time to time. We understand keeping toys organized while having toddlers around is a demanding job, and we are here to provide a few of the best storage ideas for your toys at home.

1.  Utilize Under-Bed Space

Tell the monsters under your bed to move as you need the space for your kid’s toys. Whether you are storing dollhouses, playmats, train sets, your children’s blankets, or even a few of your stuff, this is the best toy storage idea you can undoubtedly utilize.

Some children’s beds come with open storage and built-in drawers, making it a great way to take advantage of this furniture. You may also want to use a flat-rolling bin so it won’t be a hassle to pull the toys in and out from underneath.

2.  Stock Up on Baskets

Stylish and practical containers for keeping clutter at home, kitchen storage, food storage, and even office storage, baskets could be one of your go-to’s. Baskets are perfect for storing not only your everyday items but even your kids’ toys as well. If you have already run out of extra space underneath the bed, you may also want to buy extra baskets from your local storage store to use for some tiny toys that will no longer be accommodated by your home’s extra space.

Stocking up toys in a basket is one of the most convenient ways to keep them. Once you have gathered up all of them, you can simply place them at the side or even under any furniture that offers extra space. Aside from using it as storage for your kids’ toys, baskets are also desirable as decorations.

3.  Make Use of your Bookshelves

Just like other furniture, your bookcases and bookshelves despise being put off into only one task. So instead of putting them in reserve for just books, take advantage of them for toy storage duties making it even more worthy of your money.

Baskets may be an excellent way of keeping odds and ends, but so are bookshelves. They are also a perfect way to get the most out of your limited floor space as they are piled vertically. This means you can utilize the extra area for some rockers or ride-on toys. Aside from its space-saving feature, it also makes a piece of sturdy and appealing furniture.

4.  Wall Garage

Have you ever heard of the “Shoe-rack” hack? It has been quite famous for parents thinking of the best way to store their son’s racing car toys. You only need to pick up the perfect wooden shoe rack, but make sure to discard the legs when nailing it to your wall. Never forget to make sure they are thick enough to hold the toy cars.

Most of the parents would say this is a helpful way to keep your kids’ toys organized and making them participate in cleaning up at the same time since children love choosing and picking their rides and putting them back on to little spaces. If you plan to use this, make sure to plan the height carefully, just to make sure the kids will be able to reach them easily.

5.  Over-the-Door Hanger

As a parent, they simply want most of the things off the floor, especially when it comes to organizing kids’ pieces of stuff. For those who are looking for a good toy organizer for smaller stuffed animals, the over-the-door hanger makes a good toy organizer.

Your kids can keep as many stuffed toys as there are pockets available, but make sure to tell your kids only to keep the lighter ones in this area. This could also be the perfect spot for the toys that the kids occasionally play with instead of the ones they get to play with every day.


There are a lot of ways to keep your kids’ toys organized, although there are factors that need to be considered, such as the available space, your kids’ daily routine, and if required, you may also want to involve your kids in thinking about ideas. By engaging them in planning, they feel more urge to follow the rules that you created in good, working order.