5 DIY Storage Shelves for Garage Space and Parking

5 DIY Storage Shelves for Garage Space and Parking


The garage is made for the car to park in and to shelter it from the outside dirt and unpredictable weather conditions. But also, with your garage space, you can have your garage space as an area to store all your carpentry tools and house repair tools. The garage is also a space to store things that are usually for outside parks and recreation.

You can have almost anything in your garage. But once it gets too crowded, you have to make a plan to organize your garage with the right storage shelves and garage Storables. Why do you need to declutter and fix everything in your garage? You might not think of the good of it now but you will when you can’t find your hammer when you need it most.

Here are some styles of storage shelves that can help you declutter and organize your garages for maximum space use and to avoid messy garages in the future.

1. Adjustable Shelves

For DIY garage shelves, they provide freedom to move the items, fix them and rearrange them to any size, color, function, or use. Adjustable shelves are commonly made of metal that is intended for storing large items and bulky items like car parts, or car maintenance tools.

2. Metal Shelves

While talking about metal-made storage, let us continue  matka with metal shelves. Because of its material, this garage storage is sturdy and can hold for decades inside your garage. You can store heavy equipment like mowing lawns, toolboxes, vacuum cleaners, car parts, and camping trip tents.

3. Wire Shelves

For an inexpensive and more durable choice, wire shelves are a great option for you. They are thin and can fit any corner. Their slim structure gives more space for the item than the storage itself but even if this storage is thin, it can hold gallons, watering cans, and even paint cans.

4. Self-Enclosed Garage Storage Shelves

Self-enclosed garage storage shelves are commonly seen in wood or plastic. This style of storage provides a wide variety for the creative at heart. They vary in size, color, and shape. These kinds of storage are hung or glued to the wall, some are portable and are perfect for organizing your garage items.

5. Wooden Shelves

The Wooden shelf is the easiest type of garage storage shelf to do by yourself. Wood is less expensive too when it comes to saving money for more garage work. People choose to work with wood because it is the easiest to install for garage storage.

Types of DIY Garage Storage Shelves

There are types of DIY Garage storage shelves that can guide you on your way to having your dream garage space.

1. Garage Shelves with Doors

Garage shelves with doors will keep your items in hiding and out of dust and dirt. Shelves can also hide your messy tools when you can’t arrange them because of your on-going project. Just place the item inside and slide the covers. Shelves with doors are also for your children and pets’ safety, aside from keeping it out of their reach, they won’t even care what they won’t see.

2. Floating Garage Shelves

Floating Garage Shelves are great for high walls and high ceilings. All your heavy equipment is to be placed on the ground and while small tools and items can be placed above them. This is why floating garage shelves are perfect storage DIYs for garages.

3. Attached Garage Storage Shelves

The attached Garage Storage Shelves are one of the easiest garage sets to set up and build. These storage shelves are for less cost, fewer materials needed, and less stress to manage in a building. They are permanently done when installed because they are held by your garage walls, floor, and ceiling.

Most DIY storages are with manuals. They are in the fine print and easy to follow. You can ask for help from a neighbor to make sure that you are pinning the right parts together. Try looking at Storage.com. They offer all storage needs from any size to any design.

In A Nutshell

When you have decided to clean and arrange your garage, it is good to keep in mind what you want your space to look like. Once you have visualized your garage, it is easier to put some work into it.

Take everything out of the garage and segregate what needs to go and what needs to stay. Be strict with yourself on letting go of the items you no longer need. Try having a garage sale and profit from your used items.

Be sure to be satisfied with the outcome of your garage, try not to settle with what you cannot achieve. And no one says it is easy and it will take time creating and organizing your space. You will know you’ve done enough when you are happy with your space.