5 Home Interior Tips To Customize Your Space

Home Interior

‘There’s no place like home’ is a phrase you must have heard on countless occasions from numerous people, and there truly isn’t. Home is not just a shelter above your head but houses the most precious memories and times spent with loved ones. Personalising the space is a way to bring out your personality with unique interior designs and add a sense of comfort to your home. So, to help you get on board, here are five home design tips you need for customising your place.

Display Your Proud Collection

Be it a collection of photos, books or souvenirs collected from various places you have travelled, you should create a space to feature it. This will not only become a highlight of your home but will also speak a lot about who you are. So, it can be your mum’s precious crockery collection or your dad’s love for wine, you can arrange these treasures on a horizontal surface against a wall to make it stand out. Apart from it just being a home design idea, it will be a reminder of what you are most passionate about. This will surely grab some attention when you have guests over!

Add Lightings to the Mix

What is a better way to make your space stand out than with unique lightings? You shall find a variety of lights to suit your style and theme and customise your home. You can get accent lightings used to highlight certain features in the room such as a cabinet, sculpture, or an artwork. Another option is to use pendant lights over your dining table, near the entryway of your house, above the staircase and many other spaces to liven up the room. The style of lighting can be used to set the theme of the space and to match the other home decor pieces.

Create a Unique Family Tree

If you have that big Indian family who is super close, this home décor idea is definitely for you! So, instead of purchasing a family tree photo frame, collect some quirky and funny pictures of your loved ones and get to work. Everything creative is welcomed. You can make use of stencils, paint, photo frames, and childhood pictures to get the aesthetics just right. The placement of such interior designs can go on your living room wall, the space above your staircase, an empty space in your study room or the dining room wall. No way shall anyone walk past this without a compliment or two.

Wrap Your Walls

Wallpapers are the best way to revamp your room and personalise it to your taste. There are countless alternatives to choose from with diverse colours, textures, patterns, and designs available in wallpapers for an attractive look. By using wallpapers, you can match the style of your room by going for monochromatic patterns or a busy floral pattern. Another way to make your space pop is by deciding how to use the wallpaper. One way is to feature a single wall behind the living room sofa or the bed. You could also cover all four walls with a fresh design pattern. Don’t be doubtful in case you want to cover the ceiling as well!

Bring Some Accessories

Maybe you don’t want to bring in such big changes to your home, then what? There are still accessories left! Add house plants, beautiful vases, abstract artwork, lush rugs, or decorative mirrors for a unique home design. You can definitely shop for accessories on a budget and get numerous decor pieces to personalise your space! With the right placement and your choice of decoration, your house will have a customised look to match your personality.