5 Ways To Achieve a Modern Rustic Home

5 Ways To Achieve a Modern Rustic Home

Image Source: Pexels

Rustic style is back in a big way. It’s not just for the farm anymore. It is perfect to have in your home, too! There’s something about this style that’s classic yet contemporary.


If you want to change your interior design, here are some tips to get this modern rustic vibe.

Invest in Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture is simple and sturdy, made of solid wood. It’s not ornate or fancy but rather designed to be functional. The Shakers were a group of religious followers who settled in the U.S. after spending much time in Europe during the 18th century.

In Canada, Shakers communities were on the lower mainland of British Columbia and Southern Vancouver Island at the start of the 20th century. Their furniture style was popular at that time because it reflected their values of simplicity and durability.

The style has been popular since then, with many variations on traditional designs, including a solid wood dining set with ladder-back chairs.

Experiment With Mix-and-Match Chairs

Mix-and-match chairs are a great way to make your home feel more modern and chicer. Mixing up different chairs allows you to create a unique look guaranteed to impress.

  • Start by using different colours. For example, why not add colourful cushions if you have an antique white chair with leather seats? This will give it an extra pop of colour without making the room feel too busy or cluttered.
  • Use different styles. Mixing styles like inverted triangle patterned cushions with plain rectangular ones could be enough to make any space feel fresh.

Use Vintage Accents

Vintage accents can be a great way to add character and interest to your space. You can find vintage accents at flea markets and antique stores. You should also look for items with a bit of history behind them.

When you find the right vintage item, consider incorporating them into your decorating scheme in multiple ways

  • Use it as an accent piece. Hang it or put it on top of an end table or dresser.
  • Combine two different types of vintage accents. For example, an old lamp topped off by an antique mirror. This will create one cohesive look across all four walls without feeling too busy.

Play With Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse lighting is a great way to achieve a rustic feel in your home. It can be used in any room, from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and dining rooms.

Farmhouse lighting typically uses wood or has a wood finish. It’s an excellent choice for those who want an authentic look from the past. The warm glow of candles or sconces can also amp up the rustic vibes of any space with ease!

Go for Rustic Wood Accessories

When it comes to rustic wood accessories, you can never go wrong with wooden tables, chairs, and shelves. If you have a small space that needs some extra storage space, try out the following great options for your home:

  • Wooden coat racks: These are great for holding coats and jackets in the hallway or entryway of your home.
  • Stools: You can use these as accent pieces when decorating your kitchen island or dining room table.

Give Your Home a New Vibe With the Modern Rustic Style

Whether it’s a cottage or farmhouse, these tips should help you start your journey to create a modern rustic home. Finding the perfect decor will take time and effort, but it can be worthwhile once you see the outcome.