What Should You Know About a 1200mm Freestanding Bath Tub?

A 1200mm freestanding bath tub is unattached to a wall or surrounding deck and stands by itself in a bathroom, thus the entirely accurate term. Older homes may have authentic vintage freestanding tubs, while newer homes still have the classic style, updated for today’s use. However, these tubs are reminiscent of the past.

Hence, a wide variety of freestanding bathtub sizes, shapes, and materials are available. In addition, there are several system alternatives available for freestanding bathtubs. For example, for easy soaks, you might pick a plain freestanding soaker tub, while a freestanding tub with jets—whirlpool, air tub, or combo—would be better for powerful massages.

What are Some Interesting Features of a Freestanding Tub?

Freestanding bathtubs can be sleek and uncomplicated, but they can also include various elements for added comfort and visual appeal. As a result, you might run into the following terminology and features:

  • Roll top: For a smooth finish, a roll top tub has edges that look to have been rolled.
  • Clawfoot: A footed tub has feet that lift the tub off the ground. These feet come in a variety of conventional and modern designs.
  • Decorative: Some tubs are supported by or enclosed in ornate bases, pedestals, or cladding. Some bases and surrounds have storage to make up for the absence of a deck on the tub itself.

Consider purchasing a removable shelf or tray for the tub to hold your book, a glass, or toiletries to make your bath more soothing; a bath caddy adds additional storage. Additional accessories such as aromatherapy, pillows, and lights will take your bath to the next level for a fully immersive, spa-like experience.

What are the Options for Shape and Installation?

Charlotte Edwards Belgravia Small Freestanding Bath – Classical Baths

The versatility of a standalone tub’s appearance is one of its strongest selling advantages. These tubs come in the typical oval and rectangular shapes as well as square, round, and corner arrangements. Use your imagination; many options are available, whether you want an hourglass-shaped, freeform, or egg-shaped tub. As long as the necessary plumbing is there, a freestanding bath may be built almost anywhere, making it a perfect option for bathrooms with unusual shapes.

Which Bathtub Faucets are Compatible with Freestanding Tubs?

Freestanding tub faucets are not the only option for freestanding tubs; however, they certainly look lovely when paired. In addition, some tubs can be drilled to fit your preferred faucet, while others already have holes pre-drilled for deck-mount faucets. Finally, check that the spout projects are far enough to fill the tub without any leaking in case your tub is close enough to the wall for a wall-mount tub faucet to operate.

Can You Get a Shower in a Standalone Tub?

It is possible for a freestanding tub to have a shower, but doing so would require a curtain or other enclosure, therefore defeating the point of the freestanding tub. Who wants to be cold in the bathtub? If your bathroom is not sufficiently heated, you might want to enclose it with a curtain to retain heat; a ceiling-mounted curtain rod and shower head will accomplish this as unobtrusively as possible.


It can be difficult to choose with so many excellent options available. In order to receive personalized advice in locating the ideal tub to suit your demands and space, get in touch with an expert.