6 Tips for Post-Renovation Deep Cleaning

6 Tips for Post-Renovation Deep Cleaning

Renovating your home can be both exciting and stressful. But for sure, renovations leave behind a lot of mess which you need to clean up before enjoying your new space and new look. A full post-renovation cleaning will prepare your home for a comfortable stay. There will be a lot of dust and debris that needs to be cleared away before you get to enjoy the aesthetics of your home.

It Requires More Work

Post-renovation cleaning requires more work than regular house cleaning. Getting all the dust and debris from renovations can be a demanding job. More work means you need more preparation and planning to carry out the whole post-renovation deep cleaning. If you don’t do it properly, it can affect the comfort of living in the newly renovated home.

Clear the Clutter

Renovation can leave behind a lot of clutter and items used for various renovation processes. This will give the whole space a messy and chaotic impression. So, you have to waste no time clearing away all the clutter. Take some time and do this activity diligently before you start the cleaning process. You can also use this time to get rid of old furniture and decor items in your home that doesn’t suit your renovated home anymore.

Clean the Big Pieces

The remaining items need to be cleaned one by one and it is advised to start cleaning all the big pieces like furniture, appliances, carpets, etc. This is because the smaller items can be cleaned comparatively easier than the big stuff. These should be properly cleaned with the right products or you can hire professional cleaning services.


Dust can get embedded itself into your carpets, curtains and furniture during the renovations and if not cleaned can cause a lot of trouble. Vacuum the corners of your house and all the areas that go unnoticed during regular cleaning. Take enough time to vacuum through the whole house, don’t spare any room or area. And each area will need different types of vacuuming.


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Clean Air Vents and Filters

Renovation can reduce air quality because of all the dust produced and chemicals used for the renovation.  People with respiratory problems may be at risk from this, so check your air vents and filters regularly. Cleaning your air vents is important, especially if you’ve done renovations in a large part of your house, or if you’ve renovated your whole house.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The best way to deal with post-renovation cleaning is to hire experienced and trusted professional house cleaners in your region. They will do all the cleaning properly and systematically. You will sit back and enjoy the comfort of your well-cleaned newly renovated home. A professional cleaner will know all the tips and tricks to do post-renovation deep cleaning smoothly and give you a spotless home. You can hire them if you don’t have time or if you don’t take the stress of cleaning, either way, they will ensure you a clean and tidy home.