8 Dos and Don’ts in Buying a Coffee Table

8 Dos and Don’ts in Buying a Coffee Table

Where do you begin when buying a coffee table?  For sure, it is not just about picking the best-looking one.  There are many things to consider, so you won’t regret making the wrong investment.  Below are dos and don’ts that will help you buy the right coffee table:

Don’t: Go for Functionality.

The first thing you need to remember when picking the right coffee table is functionality.  Ask yourself what essential functions do you need your coffee table to deliver.

  • Is it just going to be a mere coffee table?
  • Will you also be serving some snacks in the area?
  • How many people will be using it?
  • Do you need a coffee table that doubles as a dining table?
  • Do you need one with drawers or shelves for extra storage?
  • How about wheels so you can roll them away when you need them to be somewhere else in the room?

These questions can help you pick the right table.

Don’t: Consider the Location.

Coffee tables can be center tables or side tables, so you need to determine where to put them.  This will help you get the correct table shape and size.

Center tables are usually bigger than side tables.  You can also choose any shape you want, depending on the space available within your sofa set.

Side tables are usually smaller with a round or square shape.  And, if you want a more functional side table,  you can get one with a shelf or drawer underneath.

Don’t: Pick the Right Shape.

The shape of your coffee table is determined mainly by the space and layout of your room.  For example, a rectangular or oval coffee table would be best if you have a narrow room. On the other hand,  a circular coffee table will work best if you have a tiny space without those edges that take up additional space.

Don’t: keep in Mind Your Homestyle.

Choosing the style of your coffee table isn’t just about picking which one looks stylish.  It is also about considering the other elements in your room. Make sure your coffee table goes with your color theme, homestyle, and feel of your room, whether formal or casual.

For instance, a nesting coffee table can complement a casual room.  A rattan table will also look great in a tropical vibe space.  Finally, a metal frame with a glass top can complement an industrial homestyle.

Don’t: Consider Children.

For a home with little children, you may need to choose a coffee table that is less-risky for them.  I prefer a round or oval table over a square or rectangular one to do away with sharp edges that they may bump into.  Also, avoid getting glass tops and choose solid tops instead.  Upholstered coffee tables also make a great choice when you have children around.

Don’t: Go Only for Looks.

It is easy to fall in love with elegant and unique coffee tables.  While it’s not wrong to consider them, you need to think of functionality over aesthetics.  But if they both go hand in hand, then good for you!

Don’t: Go Beyond Your Budget.

Don’t get used to making the mistake of going over your budget.  We advise that you go over the range of coffee table prices in the market today.  After this, you can set a budget.  Make sure you find one within your limits without sacrificing functionality and the other “dos” mentioned above.

Don’t: Be an Impulsive Buyer.

Some factors lead us to be impulsive – sometimes items are on sale, and sometimes they are too irresistible not to buy right away. While impulse-buying can give us instant satisfaction, it can also make us regret our decisions. To purchase the best coffee table, be sure to go over as many options as possible that fit your requirements and pick from there.

A coffee table may not be as significant an investment as a sofa set. Still, it is as important as buying one. After all, it is a part of the living room puzzle that you need to fill. With these dos and don’ts, you can make that piece of the puzzle count and make your home not only functional but stylish.