A Tiny House for 7 Family Members: Is It Possible?

A Tiny House for 7 Family Members: Is It Possible?

Tiny house living has become a trend in the past few years. This type of living has been widely accepted by people from all walks of life. This is especially embraced by bachelors, newly married couples, and a small family of 3 or 4 with little kids. The question that always lingers is, would a large family fit in a tiny house? The answer is a yes!     An example is a family with 7 members. Dad and mom with 5 teenage kids of 4 boys and 1 girl to be exact. With this type of family, the normal rule is a large masters’ suite, 2 to 3 bathrooms, and 3 to 5 bedrooms. Either 2 siblings would share a room or they all have their own room. This is the usual setup for a family of this size.

The house needs to have a size of 2,000 square feet. Spaces for their own privacy. A large kitchen and dining area. And some fun indoor and outdoor activities to keep the kids happy and busy.

So the question is, with a 500 square foot tiny house, will the same family fit in? The answer will come from an architectural point of view together with strategic design. Building this house will be done from the ground up. So you can take advantage of the vertical height despite the limited square foot.   Here is a sample of ideas that you can follow if you want to combine architecture and strategic designing.

With a 500 square foot tiny house, you can put a 6 ft. pitched roof. This fully air-conditioned pioneer-style house will be made from solid cedar logs. It will have a small rustic kitchen, accented by small red bricks from Chicago. Next to the kitchen is a living area that can comfortably fit 7 if they want to relax. The living room sofa also turns into a bed.

The living room will be made of pine interior walls. The private master bedroom will be large enough to fit a queen-size bed. Next to the master’s bedroom is a cozy but fully functional bathroom. It will have a shower room, a toilet and a vanity with a single sink.

Up above the master bedroom and bathroom will be a 200 square foot loft. This will fit 5 teenagers comfortably whenever they want to hang out. When it’s time to sleep, 2 of the boys will have the sofa as their bed. This frees up a space in the loft for 3 teenagers. Where the girl will have one side on her own and the 2 remaining boys on the other.

The loft will have an accordion-style privacy wall made of cedar framing. It will be secured to the loft banister. And can unfold towards the back wall. This should provide privacy especially for the only girl in the siblings. Right above the loft ceiling, the tiny house has a 6 ft. pitched roof so there will be enough space for well-needed air duct cleaning service.

Some of the amenities will also be maximized. The coffee table in the living room can be folded and turned into a dining table. The vertical space will also be maximized for shelves and storage. This makes every corner inside the house functional for all 7 members of the family.   What is left to be answered now is how they will enjoy living in a tiny house.

#1 Do Family Activities  

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Living in a tiny house is an opportunity for a family to be closer to each other. Aside from talking and sharing stories, indoors can be more fun with simple activities. Board games are always the “go-to activity”. The foldable coffee table/dining table can also turn into table tennis. And of course, watching movies and playing video games will bring relaxation and interaction among the family members.

#2 Communication Is Key  

In a tiny house with a single toilet and bath using it can cause unwanted stress. So it is important to constantly communicate. The family can be creative about it by working on an interactive schedule board. A simple gentlemen’s agreement to “let the ladies first” will also work. But there should be a conscious effort for everyone to talk to each other.

#3 Maximize The Outdoors  

Practically, by living in a tiny house, the outdoors can be a functional part of the house. And being 7 inside a small space, staying outdoors can also be a breather. Outdoor games will not only be fun but will also be very healthy. With a built outdoor porch, that part of the house can also serve as a dining area.

Imagine eating together in full view of the stars in the sky? How about the memories that the family can build over a warm campfire at night? Tiny house living can be very worthwhile.

There are many other ways to have family bonding. And by living in a tiny house, not only will it be possible, but it will also be fun and exciting. An opportunity to build many memories that everyone will remember together.