9 Additions To Build Onto Your Florida Home

If you have been thinking about remodeling ideas and you have decided on building an addition onto your Florida home, you may or may not already know what you want the addition to be. Sometimes, homeowners just know they need more space, but they are unsure where to most effectively place it. If this sounds familiar, do not fret. All you need is some inspiration to help guide you.

1. Sunroom

When it comes to building extra space onto a home, sunrooms Tampa are one of the top choices among consumers. Whether you want to do a front porch conversion or build an entirely new structure, there are numerous directions to take with a sunroom remodeling project. With a personal sunroom, you can enjoy sunbathing all year long, even when temperatures are cool.

2. Extra Bedroom

Does everyone in your household have his or her own bedroom? Do you need an extra room for an office, study, play or guest room? If so, you are not alone. These types of extra room additions are common in the world of construction projects. When planning an extra bedroom, take a look at your home’s whole layout to get a clearer understanding of how your bedroom addition will fit in.

3. Extra Bathroom

Another top addition that homeowners add to their remodeling lists is an extra bathroom. Sometimes, the addition is more of a reconstruction, however. For example, some people choose to turn the space under their stairs or a walk-in closet into a small bathroom. Depending on the shape of your bedrooms, you could also add extra space to a wall with the necessary square footage around it.

4. Garage

Where do you currently park your vehicle? For many households, the thought of having a personal garage is a dream come true. A major reason for this is that garages can be major space savers in a couple of big ways. First, there is the obvious car or truck storage aspect. Depending on the size of the garage addition, you may be able to store as many as three cars in your add-on garage. In addition to vehicle storage, of course, is miscellaneous storage use for whatever else your heart might desire.

5. Kitchen

Kitchens can also be good for remodeling additions. Take a look around your cooking and eating areas. Is there a flex space or bump-out addition that you could turn into a walk-in pantry or breakfast nook? Often, incorporating window revisions into kitchen remodeling plans can be a relatively easy and cost-effective way to create more space in this part of a home.

6. Garage Apartment

Whether you would like to have an apartment or extra storage space, remodeling the space above your garage can be a solid idea. If you want to try earning some extra cash, you could even rent out the apartment. Having a garage that is separate from your house but still on your property can also be a great way to provide living solutions to friends and family members.

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7. Basement Conversion

If you have space under your home in the form of a basement, how are you currently using it? If you are like many homeowners, there is probably a lot of clutter if you do have a basement. The worst part about this is that basements have the potential to be so much more than merely dark storage spaces under the house. To add another living space to your home using what you already have, consider converting your basement into a finished room for sleeping, entertainment or studying.

8. Attic Conversion

With conversions in mind, another storage area to consider changing is your attic. Depending on the size of your attic, there are many creative ways to maximize storage or to turn the space into a bedroom. Keep in mind, safety should always be a top priority. Be careful if you are working with an attic space that has limited flooring.

9. Mudroom

With home addition types, mudrooms are always another top pick among homeowners. As a comfortable space to store coats, shoes, bags and other outerwear, mudrooms attach to the main entrance of a home with a design that allows for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing. If you live somewhere that experiences significant snow and/or rainfall, having a mudroom can be particularly useful. A mudroom can also be great for keeping sand out of the rest of the house if you live near a beach.

Adding onto your home can be a fun and exciting endeavor. Use this list as inspiration as you move forward with your remodeling project.