How Long Can You Leave a Hairpiece with Glue On?


How Long Can You Leave a Hairpiece with Glue On?


If you’re a new member of the hair replacement system world, you’ve likely got a head full of questions; like how long can I use my hairpiece without having to take it off for maintenance? Is it possible to leave a hairpiece with glue on for a week? Can I use wig glue on all hair systems? Sounds familiar, right? Well, we’re just glad you asked!


Wearing your hair replacement system the right way and implementing the correct wig care and maintenance regime is essential for a happy and long-lasting wig experience. Get it wrong and you will end up with a damaged hairpiece, or one with a greatly diminished lifespan. So, listen up!


Wig glue is a common attachment method for permanent wig wearers seeking a long-lasting attachment. It is not recommendable for day wig wearers – for more info on the difference between the two see our blog Are You a Day Wearer or a Permanent Wearer? – We said it over there and we’ll say it again: do not wear a wig for any longer than six weeks at a time. After extended periods of uninterrupted hair system use the adhesive will turn into a gooey, sticky substance that will seep through the hair system base into the hair. Once this occurs, you will not only have a tangled, sticky mess to clean up, but you will have likely caused irreversible harm to your hairpiece.

So, How Long Can I Leave A Hairpiece With Glue On? 

We wish we could give you one, straightforward answer, but the reality is that it depends on many factors: the material your hairpiece is made out of, the adhesive used to bond the hair system to your scalp, your skin type, your lifestyle, the temperature and climate, how much your scalp sweats, and how often you want to clean up your scalp and re-bond the hairpiece.


As a general rule, we recommend you wear a wig for two to three weeks at a time. Ideally, you want to give your scalp and natural hair some time to breathe and your hairpiece a thorough wash and condition before attaching it again. If you have two hair systems, rotate between them to extend the lifespan of each.


There are many types of hair systems, some more delicate than others. That is why some can go more weeks with uninterrupted usage, while others need maintenance after just one week.

Lace Hairpieces 

Lace hairpieces are one of the most delicate hair system types. While they are ideal for achieving an undetectable and natural look, they don’t fare well with clumsy or heavy-handed users. Lace is thin and tears easily, so it must be handled with the utmost care. You must never apply liquid adhesive directly to the lace hairpiece. Instead, apply the adhesive to the scalp and wait for it to dry and become slightly tacky before gently positioning and securing the hair system into place.

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We don’t recommend leaving this type of hair system bonded for longer than a week. After that, the adhesive will start to seep through the delicate lace matrix and damage your hair system. As mentioned earlier, this will not only reduce the lifespan and natural appearance of your lace hairpiece but will also result in a tedious and challenging clean-up process.

Fine Mono Hairpieces

Fine mono hairpieces are more durable than lace hair systems. They have a higher resistance to adhesives and can therefore be worn for a longer period of time. While monofilament hairpieces can be worn for six-week periods, it is not recommendable. Primarily from a hygienic perspective due to the build-up of bacteria and oils, but also to protect the skin or lace perimeter from continuous use without cleanup. Speaking of which, it is just as important to clean up your scalp and implement your wig care and maintenance regime post fine mono hairpiece removal.

Invest In A Good Quality Adhesive

To make the most of your hairpiece and achieve a prolonged hair system attachment, a good quality adhesive is essential. For hair wearers with active lifestyles, who live in hot and humid climates, or tend to heavily perspire, Pro Hair Lab’s Ghost Bond Supreme is a great buy for hair systems for men and women. It is also free from latex and other harmful ingredients, making it the perfect ally for sensitive skin, and it is adaptable for both French lace hair systems and poly skin grafts. For a hold that lasts for up to four weeks, consider Walker Ultra Hold. The waterproof hairpiece adhesive is a permanent attachment adhesive for perimeter and full head bonding and is a reliable adhesive for attaching a lace front.