A Bumpy Backyard Is a Bad Backyard

While many people might think that summer is the perfect chance to go out on an extravagant vacation, it’s also the best opportunity to renovate your home to match the warmer climate. In fact, there have been countless designs sprawling all around the internet for summer-inspired getaways that it’s almost impossible not to be encouraged to follow in their footsteps and test out your designing skills as well.


However, a big concern that we have with this home improvement trend is focusing too much indoors and forgetting that there’s an entire backyard right behind your home at the mercy of this relentless summer heat. And, what’s worse, homeowners are just leaving their bumpy backyards as is when they know all too well just how displeasing it is to look at a backyard that isn’t leveled properly.

Why Does It Get Bumpy In The First Place?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can resolve this issue, our priority is identifying why it’s happening in the first place so that we can better configure our plans to fix them accordingly. A bumpy backyard can occur for several reasons, but as long as you’re willing to cross off all the possibilities, it shouldn’t be too hard to resolve them over a good weekend off.

  • Unwanted Visitors In The Form Of Pests And Animals: Reason number one, you might have a critter problem wherein unwanted visitors in the form of pests and animals come to visit and thrash the place every nighttime. Sure, getting to see a few raccoons frolic at night might be cute the first encounter, but having them dig up burrows all over the place is just simply annoying.
  • Natural Formation Of Your Backyard: Reason number two, the bumps in your backyard could very well be its natural formation that shifted over the past few years or so. Therefore, it’s not really much of an external problem at hand but more so a natural process that you need to fix with a bit of elbow grease.
  • Inappropriate Use Of Garden Equipment: Reason number three, some bumps form due to the use of certain garden equipment, and while it might sound a bit counterintuitive, it can happen if you’re not used to yard work. Plus, garden equipment like the lawn roller is infamous for doing the exact opposite of leveling the ground, so be sure to read the reviews first.
  • Improper Water Drainage: Reason number four, in contrast to the merciless heat waves ravaging parts of the west, improper water drainage for runoff heading straight for your soil can lead to many problems. Regardless of the quality of your soil, it can be easily eroded and loosened after being exposed to constant water flow.

Here’s How You Can Smooth Things Out

Luckily enough, with all four reasons considered, if you could identify the single most impactful cause behind your bumpy backyard, then addressing the problem shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. In fact, combining any of the three recommend solutions below will even show better results, so feel free to adapt as you go.

#1 Go Big And Plant New Grass

Whether it’s raccoons or a spread of too many bumps, there’s no better way of solving things than going big and planting new grass to give your backyard a fresh new look this summer. And since you’re already fed up with bumps and want the reassurance of a great-looking yard, we strongly recommend stocking up on some sod supply to give your backyard that clean and tidy appeal. Sure, there’s no denying that it will cost you a bit more, but the investment will go a long way in terms of aesthetics and value.

#2 Double Check On Your Yard Grading

If it’s water runoffs and drainage that you’re worried about, then it’s much better for you to double-check on your yard grading and to get a professional on-site to help survey any factors that you might’ve overlooked. Unlike the other potential risks, bad water drainage can compromise more than just your backyard alone if left unattended, so it’s better to be safe than sorry in the future.

#3 Get Yourself New Garden Equipment

Last but not least, if you think that your garden equipment is a bit outdated, close to obsolete, and partly the reason why you’ve been suffering from too many bumps in the backyard, then it’s time for you to think about replacing them. Much like any other thing we keep, even garden equipment has a useful life that we should acknowledge and not overextend. Plus, newer and updated models have many more features that should be a great addition to your arsenal.

Don’t Settle For A Bumpy Backyard.

Overall, we firmly believe that no one deserves to settle for a bumpy backyard; it’s not nice to look at and is potentially dangerous if you have toddlers running around. So, take some time for next weekend for a landscaping project and implement the advice mentioned above as you see fit.