Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist


Can’t enjoy your shower time like you used to? Bathrooms are often dubbed as leisure areas. After all, they are the perfect spaces to let out your worries, the zones for self-care and “me” times. In fact, many studies already pointed out common bathroom activities as effective de-stressing methods. Even long soaks in the tub are found to help improve mental health and emotional well-being.


Yet, despite the perks, it’s no secret that bathrooms can also be the source of your stress and worries. Faucet leaks, for instance, could drain your savings. And clogged toilets are especially frustrating. Even the slow showers are hard to deal with.


If you think your bathroom ceases to become your “comfort” room, it’s time to do a quick inspection. Below is a brief maintenance guide to help you detect common bathroom problems and how to fix them. Read on.

Foul Smell

Let’s start with the most obvious. Noticing some odd odor while on the bath? Surely, it’s hard to get a good shower while everything around you stinks. Not only does it affect your hygiene, but the strong odor could also make you nauseous. Worse, it could affect your mood even after you’re done.


Generally, a foul smell in the bathroom doesn’t indicate major plumbing problems. You can make the smell go away by conducting a general bathroom cleaning. Putting air fresheners in the room is also an effective trick to keep the bad odor away.


However, if the smell remains despite the continuous cleaning effort, this might be the time to become suspicious. Specifically, persistent foul smells from the drain could point to underlying plumbing problems. The most common causes include clogged pipes or broken sewer lines.


To fix the issue, you can call for a professional plumber right away.

Clogged Toilet

Think there’s nothing worse than a smelly bathroom? Think again. Sure, smelly drains are frustrating, but clogged toilets are even more maddening. In fact, they can even be the culprits for the unpleasant smell.


Generally, a clogged toilet poses a lot of worries. Not only can it interfere with your day-to-day business, but it also poses possible health risks. Since it can’t drain properly, it can serve as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Exposure to wastewater that accumulated in the toilet is also bad, especially for people dealing with allergies and asthma.


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Fortunately, there are ways to fix a clogged toilet easily. Your first option is to use a household plunger. On the downside, this method will definitely require extra effort on your part. After all, you’ll have to push the plunger in and out of the toilet repeatedly.


Another alternative you can try is the baking soda-vinegar method. Pour one cup of baking soda into the toilet. After 1 to 2 minutes, add two cups of vinegar. Wait for the mixture to sit there for 30 minutes. Once the timer’s up, flush the toilet and see if it works.

Slow-Draining Sink

Another problem you’ll likely encounter in the bath is slow-draining sinks. Sure, they may not be as frustrating as the first two on our list. Yet, they can also be hard to deal with. Since bathrooms are shared rooms, slow-draining sinks could be a problem, especially if there’s a schedule that each family member needs to keep. Fathers could come in late for work, and students may come to class late while waiting for the tub to drain.


If your sinks are taking forever to clear, this might indicate that dirt and other debris had accumulated in the drains. You can fix the issue by scooping them out using drain-cleaning tools. You can also opt to buy a drain snake straight from the local hardware. You can insert the snake into the drain and push it until it reaches and dislodges the clog.

Low water Pressure in the Shower

Stressing over your low-flowing shower head? Last but not least, low water pressure in the shower is also a common bathroom problem. Since most of us want the soothing power of a strong water shower, weak water flow is generally regarded as a total bummer.


To fix this issue, you can clean your shower head to clear out possible dirt that accumulated there. You can also choose to replace the showerhead at once or install a shower pump. If the problem remains, your best option is to call for a professional plumbing company right away.


Ready to upgrade your shower experience? Reclaim the bathroom as your leisure hub. Fix possible bathroom problems as early as today.