Four Ways to Make the Guest Room a Hotel-like Experience

They say house guests are like fishes: they stink after three days. While this statement may be true for most people, keeping guests satisfied can be an enjoyable experience only if your home is well-prepared to receive guests. After all, there’s always something satisfying about keeping visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

Every homeowner wants a house they would feel very proud of. We understand how eager you are to invite your family and friends and show off your glorious garden and interiors. But a beautiful space should not only be pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to stay in. This means giving the visitors only the very best, from fluffed pillows, fresh flowers, blackout curtains, to even OHCO massage chairs for a spa-like experience.

Guests can be very critical in judging the way your house looks. They notice almost anything from the decorations, the fluffiness of the bed, the smell of the bathroom, and the small details of the floors. Making a guest room feel like a five-star hotel experience may be tricky or even impossible, but there are ways to make the room reach that standard. Read on to make your visitors feel welcome in the guest room!

Upgrade the bedding

When planning a guest room, the number one rule is not to give them that old, squeaky, and saggy bed you’re hiding in the basement. If two people sleep on the bed, chances are that the squeak will keep them awake. A protruding coil spring can also affect a person’s sleep quality as it pierces through on body throughout the night.

We understand how expensive it is to buy a new bed, but understand that your guests have traveled far to visit you and that they deserve a quality bed where they can enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you can’t afford a new bed, invest in a firm, comfortable mattress. January is a great time to buy mattresses to find great discounts.

Beyond clean bedding, think about comfort items and luxurious linens by fine lodgings: fluffy pillows, freshly ironed pillowcases, featherbed topper, a cozy comforter, and extra blankets if your place gets too cold at night. Don’t forget to include an extra set of bed linens for the guests if something spills off.

A closet for clothing and a space for the luggage

No matter how long your guests are planning to stay, make sure to provide a space for their clothes and luggage. If possible, provide a dresser or closet space, including a set of hangers. While this may cost much, this will make the guests feel more welcomed instead of forcing them to live off their suitcase.

Speaking of suitcases, provide a space where they can set down their luggage or suitcase. This can be a small bench and table or a luggage rack. No person wants to sprawl on the floor to fish out their jeans.

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Overcome your temptation to showcase all your pricey collections on top of the dresser or store all your old clothes in the closet. Make the guest room about your visitors, not you. Remove everything you’ll never find in any hotel destination. Retain only useful items, such as a calendar, clock, mirror, wastebasket, and lamp.

Power outlets

Almost everyone has their own phone or digital device that needs some charging. When traveling, people are likely to use their devices on the road, leaving them an almost empty battery by the time they reach their destination. In the guest room, most visitors will immediately look for electrical outlets to charge their phones, tablets, or laptops. Make this convenient for them by installing accessible outlets instead of letting them crawl around the floor or move the furniture.

If the outlets are almost hidden, use an extension cord so that they can easily find them. If possible, ask about the type of charger they need and have them ready before they arrive. Also, provide the password for the Wi-Fi connection if they want to connect on the internet.

Provide snacks

Your guests may not tell you this, but most of them may have a hard time sleeping in other people’s houses. This gives them a lot of extra time to hang out in the room.

In this case, provide guests with snacks for the evening, such as fresh fruit, cookies, wrapped snacks, and bottles of water. You may add a small refrigerator to store the food. Otherwise, keep a stock of nibbles that don’t easily expire. If the room is big enough for a small coffee table, place a water heater or coffee pot and small jars of tea, creamer, and sugar.

Our homes should be a comfortable space not only for the owner but also for the visitors. The kind of hospitality you provide for your guests will reflect how you treat your home. Nothing feels better knowing our guests can take home wonderful memories about how you made them feel welcomed and comfortable.