Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Did you know that if you live an average lifetime, you’ll spend over two years of your life in the bathroom? From showering to styling your hair, there are many daily activities that you accomplish in the bathroom.

If you’re going to spend that much time in a single room of your house, you might as well make sure that room is beautiful.

Check out this bathroom renovation checklist for turning your ho-hum bathroom into something worthy of a nice spa.

Step 1: Plan Your Renovation

Before you start tearing out fixtures or pulling up the floor, you need to plan your final look. Figure out the aesthetic you want and map out what will need to be replaced to achieve it.

Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a professional designer to ensure your new bathroom turns out amazing! If you live in Adelaide contact Precise Services for help with every step of the process.

Step 2: Figure Out Permits

If you plan to change the floor plan or make structural changes, it’s possible you’ll need a permit. Local councils have different regulations so be sure to research what applies in your situation.

Step 3: Demolition Begins

In order to start at the beginning, you’ve got to get the current stuff out of the way. Don’t forget to organise a skip to take away the waste

Step 4: Services Rough-In

Major changes will require moving some plumbing pipes and perhaps electrical wires around. Professionals should handle this step to ensure that everything meets regulations and will work correctly and safely.

Step 5: Plaster and Waterproofing

Once all the services are in, close up the walls and waterproof the room.

Step 6: Install Cabinets and Fixtures

With the walls somewhat resembling a bathroom once more, it’s time to install the big stuff. Cabinets and fixtures such as the toilet, sink, shower or tub, lighting, faucets, and more all go in at this point. Other simple bathroom renovation projects to consider are installing pull-up faucets which you can install outside or inside the basin to wash your hands without dirtying them. You need to buy the best quality pull-down faucets and ADA sink. Now things are starting to get exciting. Your bathroom is starting to take on its final form!

Step 7: Tiling 

Tile is perfect for bathrooms because it cleans up easily and works well in a moist environment. You can also get any aesthetic you want from it because it comes in such a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Step 8: Finishing It Up

Once the room has been put back together, you can start adding the finishing touches. Silicone the joints to prevent water leakage, add shower screens, and any other bits to finish off the renovation.

Marvel at Your New Bathroom

Now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Bathroom renovations are exciting projects. As such a small and simple room, they can be (not always) relatively quick and easy to renovate and a few changes completely transform the look.

Every time you enter your bathroom, you’re going to be so happy you took the plunge and did this renovation!