5 Common Problems That Require Commercial Door Repairs

Commercial doors, like those on your home, are an important element of keeping your facility secure and providing you and your staff with access to critical areas of your business. They come in many different kinds.

They are often the most frequently used item in every business. Likewise, they can also be subject to a variety of difficulties. It is easy to find the best commercial doors by doing research, and for better ideas go to this website.

Knowing this, here are the top 5 common problems that require commercial door repairs:

5 Common Problems That Require Repairs:

The Door Opener Won’t Work

When the door opener refuses to respond to your commands, it might be irritating. It’s a common problem that can be solved with simple methods.

  • Ensure the device is correctly plugged in.
  • The circuit breaker may have tripped. This could have prevented electricity from flowing to the opener.

Make Noise When The Door Opens & Closes

Your door may be making louder sounds, which usually indicates that it needs more lubricant. Add lubricant to the affected area. If that doesn’t work, tighten the bolts and nuts on the door and track.

If you have metal tracks or metal rollers, you may hear some squeaking. Metal tracks can be swapped with nylon tracks to reduce noise. The grinding sound coming from your door opener may indicate a problem such as if the tracks are misaligned, hinges and wheels experience undue stress. This causes the grinding noise in your remote.

Door Opens And Closes Immediately:

The springs of your door may need to replace if it opens and closes immediately or without you pressing any buttons. To fix the door, it is recommended that both springs be replaced.

You should consult with a trusted door installer to determine which springs should be replaced. You will likely need to replace both springs if you replace only one. It’s inevitable that the other one will wear out eventually.

Door Opens Without Command

Maybe the photo-eye or sensors at the bottom of the door are out of alignment.It is possible that the sensors are also dirty or damaged.

You will see a flashing green light. This indicates that the safety feature has been activated. Each measurement should be taken from the floor to your eye and then to your eye from the wall. To ensure that this safety feature works properly again, make sure you measure exactly.

Door Doesn’t Close Completely

If your door isn’t closing completely, or if there are gaps at the bottom of the door, you might need pipe insulation to seal the area. If the door doesn’t close all the way, then there may be something else that is interfering with its closing mechanism.

The close-limit switch may be in the wrong setting. The motor stops running when the close-limit switch is on. It may also be set to stop the door from closing. Rusted rollers can cause problems when closing the door. If your door is still not closing, contact a professional to get their opinion and repair recommendations.


When it comes to repairing your door there are many solutions and we have given the top 5 common problems that require commercial door repairs. It is important to get the best assistance. The experts in commercial door repair are highly skilled and trained to solve the exact problem as soon as possible. You should seek the most trusted assistance in order to have your door repaired as quickly and safely as possible.