Best Neighborhoods to Live in Beverly Hills

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Beverly Hills

If you’re planning a move to the Los Angeles area, you may have your eyes set on the Beverly Hills area.

Beverly Hills is known for being a small community within a large city. The median sale of Beverly Hills homes is $3.8 million, up 15.4% since just last year. That’s more than eight times higher than the median cost of a home elsewhere in America, proving that the area is in high demand.

What Are Some Of The Best Neighborhoods In Beverly Hills? 

We have put together a guide to help you determine where to live in Beverly Hills.

Moving to Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, California remains one of the most affluent communities in the world. It has a population of 34,362. Known for its high-end shopping, luxury homes, and star-studded neighborhoods, the area is a popular destination for tourists. In addition to being a popular shopping destination, Beverly Hills offers a wide array of beautiful parks, bustling farmer’s markets, and world-renowned restaurants. It is also home to some of the country’s most prestigious schools.

The cost of living is more than 446.2% higher than the average in America. But the small community offers the convenience of the big city, set away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The average commute is 24 minutes, which is lower than the national average. Beverly Hills boasts incredible scenic views and is near the famous Malibu Beach.

The community has a low crime rate and one of the fastest police response times, making it a very safe place to live. It is a great place to raise a family because of its high quality of life and many amenities.

The Best Neighborhoods in Beverly Hills

If you’re thinking about where to live in Beverly Hills, there are some great neighborhoods.

Roughly 43% of homes are occupied by homeowners, while the remaining homes are occupied by renters. If you are trying to figure out where to buy in Beverly Hills, you should consider which neighborhood meets your individual needs.

Some areas, like Beverly Glen, do not offer much in the way of public transportation, so if you’re living there you will need to drive or bike. Some neighborhoods are known for entertainment, while others are known for being the best neighborhoods for families.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, one of the Beverly Hills homes just might be your dream home!

Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods to consider in the area.

  • The Flats
  • Beverly Hills Post Office
  • Trousdale Estates
  • Beverly Hills Gateway
  • The Golden Triangle
  • North of Wilshire
  • South of Wilshire
  • The Flats

The Flats is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Beverly Hills to live in. The area has a mix of luxury homes, as well as condos and apartment rentals.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the area offers a wide variety of amenities for its residents. It is home to Levitt Community Park and Truman Park, as well as the UCLA campus. There is also a large courtyard where residents can host a barbeque.

The community is also home to CBS Studios, and The Original Farmers Market. Foodies can frequent a large selection of delicious restaurants in the area, and the vibrant nightlife is a source of great entertainment.

If you like to golf, Bluewater Bay Club Los Angeles and Fairways are both located nearby.

The area has a lot of options for public transportation, making it a convenient place to call home base if you’re looking to commute throughout the Beverly Hills area.

Beverly Hills Post Office

Beverly Hills Post Office is the neighborhood that falls under the famous 90210 zip code. It’s located on the western edge of Beverly Hills.

If you’re comparing home prices, this area has some of the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills. Known for its multimillion-dollar properties and gated communities, this area is a hot spot for celebrities.

Benedict Canyon

Bruce Springsteen, David Beckham, and Jay Leno are just some of the celebrities that have lived in the secluded neighborhood of Benedict Canyon Drive.

The famous street runs through Beverly Hills toward Bel Air.

The area is tucked away on the outskirts of Beverly Hills. It’s a quiet and private location near the hustle and bustle of the city. It is known for its number of large estate homes.

Most of the canyon and wildlife in the area are still intact. Because of its unique location, Benedict Canyon has hiked trails and a wide variety of green spaces.

It is also close to prestigious private schools and the Farmers Market.

Mulholland Estates

Mulholland Estates is a guard-gated community with over 90 luxury homes, known for spectacular views of the valley.

These homes were built in the 1990s and 2000s. Sales of homes here average $8 to $11 million, but some have sold for much more than that.

The ultimate neighborhood guide to Beverly Hills, LA

The elite community attracts celebrities including Paris Hilton, Tyler Perry, and Kendall Jenner.

Beverly Ridge Estates

Beverly Ridge Estates is a small, gated community located in the Beverly Hills Post Office District.

The private neighborhood is patrolled by a guard 24 hours a day.

Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber, and Magic Johnson have all owned homes in the elite community.

Beverly Park

Beverly Park is known as the highest-earning neighborhood in Beverly Hills.

Mark Walberg, Eddie Murphy, and Sylvester Stallone have owned homes in this community. The area boasts high security and seclusion.

Known for its large luxury homes, this star-studded community requires all homes to be a minimum of 5,000 square feet but the homes here average 20,000 square feet.

The gated community is patrolled 24/7, but each home also has its own private gate.

Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen is a suburban neighborhood located around the Santa Monica Mountains, north of Sunset Boulevard and south of Mulholland Drive.

The area has a population of approximately 11,053. It includes medium size homes built after the 1970s. 46% of the population in the neighborhood rents, with an average rental price topping $3,000 per month.

Residents living in this community are well educated, with more than 40% having a Master’s degree. Many families living here have chosen to enroll their children in private schools.

The community includes shops, restaurants, and luxury homes.

While there is no public transportation access in this area, there are several cyclists and the area is walkable. Living here, you are required to bike or drive.

Trousdale Estates

The entrance to Trousdale Estates can be found at Loma Vista Drive and Doheny Road.

Homes built here in the 1960s boasted a modernist style. Architects agreed on a standard for the homes constructed here, prioritizing privacy and the preservation of great views.

Today, Jennifer Aniston, Ringo Starr, David Spade, Vera Wang, and Jane Fonda all reside in Trousdale Estates.

Beverly Hills Gateway

The Beverly Hills Gateway neighborhood is the most elite in the city.

The community is located between Beverly Hills Post Office and The Flats, just west of Trousdale Estates. The largest properties are in this community. Property sales range from $3 million to roughly $100 million.

The famous Beverly Hills Hotel that actress Marilyn Monroe used to stay in, is also located here.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the district located between Santa Monica Boulevard, Canon Drive, and Wilshire Boulevard.

The area includes seven smaller streets within the business district as well as the famous Rodeo Drive, known for its famous stores, hotels, and restaurants.


The Roxbury area includes the beloved Roxbury Park as well as the star-studded Roxbury Drive.

Roxbury Park is a great location to host picnics and large outdoor gatherings. It is a well-landscaped green space with mature trees and lots of amenities. The park offers a space for tennis, volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

Roxbury Drive, otherwise known as the street of stars, has been home to many celebrities including Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, and Jimmy Stewart.

La Cienega

The Golden Triangle also includes the neighborhood of La Cienega. La Cienega means “the swamp” in Spanish because before it was home to restaurants, this area was a marsh.

The neighborhood has a wide variety of small studio and 2-bedroom homes as well as medium 3 to 4-bedroom family homes.

Readers will enjoy the public library in the area. Residents will also enjoy the well-known La Cienega Park. La Cienega Park has manicured soccer pitches as well as a maintained playground, perfect for kids to play. The park also hosts outdoor moving screenings on an inflatable screen, and it is a popular place for community workout classes to take place.

Rodeo Drive

The world-famous Rodeo Drive is also located within The Golden Triangle.

The luxurious street is home to 100 famous stores, restaurants, and popular hotels. While the high-end shopping experience is not accessible to everyone, the location draws tourists to the area because of its vibrant atmosphere.

As one of the most famous streets in the world, Rodeo Drive has been a popular setting for American films including “Clueless”. It is a popular place for celebrities to frequent, which adds to its tourism appeal.

The streets that line the area are filled with residential neighborhoods and lined with palm trees and mansions.

North of Wilshire

The neighborhood North of Wilshire is just east of the Golden Triangle.

Single-family residences line the area of Burton Way, with multi-family residences dominating the area North of Burton Way. The area is suburban with modest but generous lots and room for backyards, often containing a pool.

Residents who live on the west end of this district are within walking distance of landmarks like the Beverly Center.

Families living in the area North of Wilshire can take advantage of some of Beverly Hills’ finest public schools.

South of Wilshire

More than half of Beverly Hills homes and households are located in the area South of Wilshire.

The area has a vast array of apartments and single-family homes. It’s known for its Spanish-style bungalows and French-Country estates. The area is lined with well-manicured landscaping and mature trees.

The homes in this area are a bit more modest compared to other neighborhoods in Beverly Hills, with most falling between 1,500 and 4,000 square feet. The community has several great schools, making it one of the best neighborhoods for families.

Beverly Hills Job Opportunities

The city of Beverly Hills is predominantly occupied by white-collar workers. The average household income in Beverly Hills is approximately $101,241. Professional, scientific, and technical services make up some of the largest industries in the area. Health care is also a large source of employment there.

Rodeo Drive is home to over a hundred businesses that all employ workers living in Beverly Hills.

In addition, the Beverly Hilton, and the City of Beverly Hills itself employ many of the city’s residents. The United Talent Agency, Live Nation Entertainment, and MGM Studios employ some of the entertainment industry in the region. While the Hillstone Restaurant Group employs many residents who work in hospitality.

Living in Beverly Hills

Figuring out where to live in Beverly Hills, California requires careful consideration.

The cost of living and the property value exceeds the national average, making it hard to select the right area.

By reading through this guide on the best neighborhoods in Beverly Hills, you can learn more about the amenities each area has to offer. This can help you pick the right community for you and your family to call home.

If you are planning a move to a luxury home in the Beverly Hills area, our team can help you start looking. Contact us today so we can help you find your dream home!