Competition Occurs Between Roofing Contractors and Con Men

Competition Occurs Between Roofing Contractors and Con Men

Two things are certain after the recent heavy rainfall. My wife will soon be nagging me to trim the lawn, and the roofing contractors will be on the scene. These storm chasers emerge from their holes as night crawlers following heavy rain. We have all heard horror stories. There have been stories about roofs that were not finished, leaky work, and pensioners who went to the bank to pay outrageous roofing bills. One case saw the roof being painted with green masonry paint instead of the promised new roof. For a repair that should have been 800, the same roofer conned a ninety-year-old woman for twenty thousand pounds. How can we guard ourselves from these unscrupulous rogues?” visit any Roofing contractors Dearborn Michigan for more details.

There are many types of rouge roofers. Some are slick salesmen who give the impression of respectability while others appear to be fresh from a 10-hour stint at the local penitentiary. They all share one thing in common: the desire to seize your money with the least amount of return. The work may be poor, but the sales pitch is excellent. To entice homeowners into paying them, the crooks have a script. Let’s take a look at the four types of roofers you should avoid.


Flap Knockers

It is common for someone to knock at your door and announce that they are local workers who just happened to see the damage to your roof. They are often looking for loose tiles or shingles. You may be offered a fair price to fix the problem. After work is started, you will be informed if there are any major problems with your roof. The homeowner will feel less secure and likely to accept the work once a portion of the roof has been removed.

Convey And Rest

They will quote you a fair price concrete contractor Nashville TN, but they require the cash up front to purchase “materials”. Once you’ve paid them, you will never see them again. Good roofing contractors don’t require advance payment. They rely on the fact most people don’t climb on top of the roof to inspect their work. They will probably stop your leak for a while. Flash band, bitumen, and mastic cement are their tools. These temporary solutions can quickly deteriorate. Ask for a written guarantee, which should include workmanship and materials.


D.I.Y Disasters

This is a distinct category. The con men we have dealt with are all clearly criminals. Most do-it-yourself roofers start with good intentions. They may have seen someone do it in 1964, and they think they can do your roof. They quickly get out of control and cause more problems than they solve. Hire a roofing contractor who has a good reputation to save him from embarrassment.