Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed, For Luxury Apartments

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed, For Luxury Apartments


The luxury and modern house is waiting for you, don’t miss this opportunity to live the life of luxury. The famous and well known architect Raef Fahmy is the designer of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed. He designed the compound with different categories of units including apartments and duplex with different areas. The Compound also includes hotel apartments for Crown Plaza.


The double entrances and fully hotel finishes are decorating Compound 205 El Seikh Zayed. Compound 205 El Seikh Zayed Apartments are working with the best smart home system around the world and the units will be fully finished with kitchens, storage rooms and central air conditioning system.


The Apartments view over the rivers and lakes of the compound. Here in this article, we will mention the most important elements about the compound, such as its location, services and the prices of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed.


Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed is located on the heart of El Sheikh Zayed district at 26 of July axis. The compound’s apartments are close to Compound Zed El Sheikh Zayed, The Main Al Bostan Road and The Central Axis. The New Administrative Capital is only one hour and half by the car. The compound is also near to Cairo.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed Apartments Areas and Prices

The total area of the compound is 205 acres, which resulted the name of the compound, and the building area is 50 acres divided into 21 building including International Hospital, International School, Kids Area and Integrated Administrative Building. Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed Apartments have different areas including the following:


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  • Apartments with 1 bed room, have areas that start from 108 square meter and reaches up to 122 square meters.
  • Two bed rooms apartments with areas start from 131 square meter to 179 square meter.
  • Also, there are apartments with 3 rooms, their areas start from 173 square meter reaches to 253 square meters.
  • Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed includes also duplex with 2 bed rooms; the duplex area starts from 155 square meter.
  • There is also, 3 bed rooms duplex with area starting from 255 square meter and reaching up to 320 square meters.

Compound 205 Apartments prices are affordable in comparison with the neighbor compounds. Arkan Palm Developments has obtained a long-term financing and payment plans to provide different reservation systems on the units of the compound.


There are different reservation and booking systems, which reaches up to 7 years installments and with suitable down payment.

Compound 205 Seikh Zayed services and facilities

Arkan Palms equipped the compound with different and important services & facilities, such as

  • Gym and healthy club.
  • High security system for supervising the compound all over the day.
  • The Compound also contains kids’ area for children’s fun.
  • There are international school and hospital.
  • There is a huge parking area that can accommodate more than 36,000 cars.
  • Multiple different pools to serve all ages.
  • There are 4 elevators for both people or inhabitants and another one for services in general.
  • Also, there are 3 club houses within Compound 205 Seikh Zayed.
  • There are green areas, gardens and tourist walkthrough.
  • To complete the luxury there are cinemas all over the compound.

Downsides of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

There are no villas within the compound of 205 of Sheikh Zayed but the duplex areas reach up to 320 square meters, which is near to the villa’s area with full privacy.