Luxury Headboards For A Luxurious Bedroom

Luxury Headboards For A Luxurious Bedroom

The bed is the central piece of any bedroom; the name of the room is associated with the bed hence making it the focal point of the room. Now think if you can make this focal point your style statement; a big, bold style statement. That is something worth thinking about, isn’t it? So let’s start exploring what possibilities are there to be exploited to make a big and bold style statement with your central piece in the bedroom.

Luxury Headboards

The headboards are big, heavy, bulky and bold pieces of the bed that give a shape and style to the bed. If you are willing to make your bed look like a luxurious style statement and give your room a luxury look, then choose a good luxury headboard.

There are a lot of designs to choose from a wide range of luxury headboards variety available at Ottoman Beds with different colours and styles.

The luxury headboards have a huge potential to overshadow anything and everything in your bedroom. So the easiest and simplest way to go luxurious in your bedroom is that you buy a good, heavy and stylishly designed headboard for your bed.

There are some good designs in the market to choose from and we are going to talk about some of these designs here to make it easy for you to choose the best for your bedroom.

There are Luxury headboards for every room at Ottoman Beds. Whether you are looking to style your room to be classical or contemporary we have a headboard to suit you. All our luxury headboard designs are available in our vast fabric collection.

Ottoman Luxury Headboards

Ottoman luxury headboards are the top choice when you are looking to give your room a stylish look with some elegance of classic luxury fabric colours. The ottoman headboards come in different styles and upholstery. They are a large piece of wood material that is padded and wrapped up in different types of fabrics; linen, velvet, polyester and even cotton.

A plushy and shining fabric at the back of your bed gives a very comfortable look to your bed. The softness of the design makes it even more desirable to have it in your bedroom to make your room give a gentle and soft look at the first glance. The classy touch of the velvet wrapping makes it royally elegant.

The Ottoman Beds have the following designs for you to choose from their luxury ottoman headboards range:

Aubrey Headboard

This is an exquisite design with deep-buttoned squares on a large headboard. The colour range makes it even more desirable to choose in accordance with your room décor.

Evie Headboard

This is also a similar design to the Aubrey headboard but with bigger squares on the large board behind the bed. It gives a larger touch to the deep buttoned design in the velvet and linen.

Harper Headboard

This is also deep buttoned but diagonally stitched on the padded headboard. Looks like a chesterfield design with a diagonal stitched button giving a diamond shape to the texture.


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Oliver Headboard

Oliver headboards are soft, padded and wrapped with luxury fabrics. They display horizontal lines on the headboards. The stitching in the shape of lines gives it a neat and straight look. It is a simple yet elegant design for a luxury headboard.

Sienna Headboard

The Sienna Headboards are plushy and soft with stitching in the vertical lines. The stitching lines flow from top to bottom to making it perfect for the small bedrooms by providing a style that makes the wall look taller and giving the illusion of more space behind the bed.

Soho Headboard

Soho Headboard also displays vertical lines but is thicker than the Sienna headboard design. The thickness of the vertically flowing lines makes it look warmer and comfortable. The Sienna and Soho with the vertical flow of the stitching lines make it easy for you to choose whether you like the lines at big intervals or large intervals.

This range of Ottoman headboards comes in all possible colours available in the market for bed frames. These headboards are compatible with all the modern and classic designs of the bed frames or drawers available in the UK furniture market. They come with all the different fabrics but we would like to suggest that the velvet headboards are at the top of the list when it comes to luxury.

Velvet Luxury Headboards

The velvet luxury headboards are stylish, shiny, and plushy and with deep buttoned Chesterfield style, they look royally elegant. This fabric is a little sensitive to handle and demands a little extra care. The deep buttoned style in the diamond shape that is stitched diagonally on the headboards looks and feels very comfortable.


There are several other things that can help you to make your bedroom luxurious but the headboards are a big bold statement that can have a large impact on the overall bedroom décor. Once you have chosen a velvet headboard then you will start your walk to choose the other décor to complement that luxury style and then it all downhill, so choose wisely and choose luxuriously.