Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. People aren’t the only ones who leave lasting first impressions. With the housing market on fire right now, the first impression of your home, if trying to sell, is something to be considered. Oftentimes, when preparing to list a home we spend so much time cleaning or fixing up the interior, that we forget the exterior. This can be a huge mistake, because the first impression will affect the way a buyer or visitor feels as they tour the remainder of the house. The inside could be remodeled and cleaned perfectly, but if the outside is neglected and falling apart it will not make up for it.

Window Washing

One of the most overlooked parts of curb appeal and deep cleaning of a house is its windows. Having freshly cleaned windows without streaks, spots, or damage will make your home appear well-cared for and like new. The cost of replacing windows is very high, but the cost to have windows cleaned is budget friendly. If you are in need of Idaho Falls window washing services, Pristine Exteriors is a great affordable option. You can also learn more about the importance and benefits of window washing on their website.


Along the same lines as window washing, it could also be a good idea to have appropriate outdoor surfaces power washed to look like new. Power washing refreshes the look and removes stains so that new buyers aren’t left with your mess. Pristine Exteriors, Idaho Falls window washers also offer power washing.

Lawn Maintenance

Summer is the most busy time for selling houses, but of course lawn maintenance will look different depending on the season. If selling a home in the middle of winter it will not be pertinent to plant new flowers and mow the lawn, but it would be a very good idea to maintain good snow and ice removal so that potential buyers can come and go safely. Whenever buyers come to see a home there should be no sign of pets. So, outside this means that all poop should be picked up and pet toys collected. If the owner has children make sure that the childrens toys are put away as well.


The lawn should look neat and tidy. Once everything has been picked up, give the grass a fresh cut with the lawnmower. Keep this up at least once a week while showing the house. If the grass looks neglected, consider hiring someone to fertilize, and make sure that the sprinkler system is working properly if applicable. Weed wacking will also give the outside a more clean look.


If your home does not have much landscaping done already it may not be a simple or affordable task to improve it. However, it could increase your home value and interest from buyers. If there is landscaping already established it will be easiest to just renew what is already in place. If there are rock or wood chips they can be replaced to look fresh and new. Curbing can be added for a cost, but it makes a huge difference. Planting new flowers will brighten up the curb appeal and removing any dead or overgrown trees and shrubs is a must. In this case, less is more. Keep the front of the house looking clean and tidy including the landscaping.


It is better to have empty garden boxes and flower beds than to have them overflowing with weeds and overgrown grass. Simply filling them with dirt or mulch is a better option. If your house has a fence, it should be in decent shape. A fresh coat of stain can make an old fence look brand new. Painting the front door and or the trim around the doors and windows is also a way to freshen up the look up the home exterior. A new welcome mat or discarding of the old rugged one is a good idea as well as a neutral wreath with no clever or potentially offensive sayings.


The Simple Truth

The outside of your house will leave a first impression whether it is being sold or not. People will drive by and only be able to see the outside of your home. There are many frugal options for increasing the curb appeal. The Idaho Falls window washing option is likely the cheapest next to the no cost option of simply mowing your lawn regularly. In the end, the smallest bit of effort will be blatantly noticeable to every potential buyer, neighbor or passerby.