Financial Realistic and Practical Tips to Modify Your Life

Everyone’s financial status is different. Due to varying income and investments, family size, spending habits, budgeting and much more, we all have our own unique financial realities. In order to begin putting any realistic and practical tips to use, first get a solid handle on your current financial overview. It’s a MUST to get an accurate picture of your finances. Start tracking and handling any outstanding debts. Also, make sure to create a budget and stay with it. Your budget will help you with savings, financial emergencies, retirement needs, and help on how to get an auto loan.

Ready for some professional tips on money-saving ideas, and more, to modify your financial goals so it can become top of the top?

Your Money: Where Is It Coming in From?

Do you know where your money is coming from? And how much is coming in? Time to find out!

  • To begin creating the picture of where your money comes in from, gather up your pay stubs, electronic payment records, and any benefits statements you may have
  • Next, take a good look at the total amount of your monthly income. If the monthly incoming funds are less than what you actually need for meeting all your month-by-month financial needs, research online tools and tips to help you boost income and benefits. Check out the “14 Easy 
  • Ways to Make Extra Money at Home list from

How to Finance a Business

Financing a new business is nothing to fear. And includes all you need to modify your financial life for the better. But you need to start with some solid ways to help finance your new business. Some of the most common ways to do this include:

  • As suggests, using your savings if you have enough funds in your savings account
  • Asking close friends or family to assist with your financial investment. For those that may have the funds, you can also enquire about getting a business loan from them
  • Take a look at Accion. Accion is among the biggest small business lending networks in the country. They can help you with startup loans up to $10,000! What’s more, they help with your startup financing needs. They are a popular and trustworthy way to fund small businesses
  • As Credit card cash advances, which are an effective way to not only help finance your new business but also to assist in the extension of your cash flow.

Positive Money Management = Positive Financial Modifications

Let’s get down to the real nitty gritty – every financial move that you make will always affect your future financial health. While there are numerous rules of thumb that exist to help you modify and improve your finances, the most important factor is making positive improvements to your money habits.

  • Is what you are spending your money on a need, or simply a want? Realizing your needs and your wants will help you to spend with mindfulness. Financial needs such as bill-paying, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, food shopping and other household needs should get the highest priority in the “needs” part of your budget. If your list of needs has been met and funds are left over, you can set aside some money for your “wants,” Of course, setting aside leftover funds should also be put into any savings accounts you have
  • Do you have an emergency fund? If not…what are you waiting for? Your emergency fund is built to help pay for “emergency” needs not typically part of your budget. Sudden and serious car repairs, unexpected (and not-covered by insurance) health needs, job loss – and more – are exactly the kind of life events your emergency fund is meant for

Ultimately, when it comes down to modifying your financial life for the better – YES, it is completely do-able. Remember, get to know your entire financial big picture; build up those vital spending habits and always take into account your true financial “needs” versus your financial “wants.”