Hair System for Successful Men

Hair System for Successful Men

In the eyes of all, a successful man is a person who has a respectable job, adequate property. To achieve this, a man who can not get help from his parents needs much time and energy. In this process, he has to stay up all night working.

Before considering a partner for his life, he may be bald. This article is to teach you how to use some fashionable toupees to become a perfect gentleman.

Hair Quality:

Just like choosing clothes, what men should consider is the hair quality. A high-quality toupee like your real hair and mimic the natural growth of hair. For wigs, the three aspects you should consider.

(1) Color 

In the market, most of the toupees consist of female hair. So, many toupees are slightly yellow in natural light. If the color of wigs is very black, it may mean that the quality of wigs is poor. Usually, the quality of the toupee can not judge by color.

(2) Hair Follicle

For human hair, it can divide into bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair and chemical process hair. In the market, the chemical process hair such as virgin Remy braid hair, virgin Remy hair, and Non-Remy hair is common. For successful men, choosing wigs consist of bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair which means high quality is most suitable. Many manufacturers will use Non-Remy hair as bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair to get more profit. The so-called Non-Remy is the hair that naturally falls out without nutrition. If the many Hair Follicle can find in the wigs, it means that the toupee consists of Non-Remy hair.

Natural Indian Human Hair System for Men - Lavividhair

(3) Thickness and Thinness of Hair End

The cuticle of Virgin Remy’s hair is in the same direction and is thin in the hair end, thick in the hair beginning. So, if a wig can meet this requirement, it means that the quality is very high.

The Type of Toupee:

To some extent, the image promotion of an average-looking person can achieve by carefully choosing clothes. At the same time, a wig can also improve men’s image.

(1) Simois Hair System

The base of the toupee mixes with lace and ploy. To be specific, the center and front of the base are lace, the perimeter of the base is PU. The use of lace promise the toupee is breathable and comfortable. The use of PU guarantees the hairline looks natural. For wearers, it looks like fashion.

(2) Cronus Men’s Hair System

The hair system uses European hair and lift rejection technologies. The prominent advantage is that there are no knots at all. At the same time, the hair movement is very natural.


In Lavvidhair, you can find many high-quality toupees. Besides, you can customize your wigs according to your needs.