Saving Money with Home Security Window and Door Screens

Saving Money with Home Security Window and Door Screens

Security screens are a great addition to any home. They provide clear, unobstructed views and ventilation while also being durable enough for those tough weather conditions individuals deal with in certain areas across the United States! There’s no need to install steel bars around windows or install metal roll down shutters because of their high-quality construction. Just make sure you pick out which color best suits your decorating style, so everything matches together nicely when it comes time show off this new investment. Security Screens are Attractive and look like standard fiberglass screens. These screens are mounted to the frame of windows, doors and can even built custom built into patio enclosures to provide greater security. The major difference between a window security screen and an insect-screen is the material the mesh is made of.

Screens for insect windows are usually made of PVC-coated aluminum, but an alternative material is leaded glass which has been used since 18th century. They are only durable enough to keep small insects out of your home and they are easily cut and torn. Premium Las Vegas security screens are made with aluminum frames and aircraft grade steel mesh. These screens have a reinforced patented technology in the frames, making them a strong defensive barrier on your home or business. The mesh is coated with a marine grade material to prevent any weathering damage like fading or rusting.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Usual Security Screen Specs:

  • Know by the name of “bulletproof” screens, offer a range of 304 to 316-gauge stainless steel wire that is woven together to form the mesh
  • Appearing transparent from the inside looking out, it does not obstruct your view, however it does provide you privacy inside your home
  • Ideal for bug infested areas
  • Can withstand wind and debris in category 5 hurricanes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Will STOP a burglar at the point of entry
  • Can not penetrate with sharp nor blunt objects
  • Blocks 60% of harmful UV rays

Home security experts rigorously test the durability of these screens to ensure these screens surpace specific standards. Here are some of the kinds of tests performed on security screens:

  • Tests of shears for knives
  • Impact tests
  • Pull tests
  • Fire tests

Fire Protection

In the event of a fire, security screens provide an important layer of protection for buildings. They reduce the spreading and intensity by blocking embers with their small holes which function like shields. The best part is that these metal grids are made from stainless steel, so they won’t melt or burn in any way during this type of situation!

The issue of fire safety isn’t easy. The screens you install need to keep your home safe, but they shouldn’t trap people when there’s forced evacuation by way of a window. Thankfully there is a solution for this. Meshtec offers fire-escape window security screens that have child-proof, rapid-release features. Allowing you to escape in the event of an emergency.

Pet and Child Proof

Window falls are a major cause of child injury, with over 5,000 children hospitalized each year when they fall from windows. Most incidents involve injuries on the first and second floors; it’s essential to secure your home’s windows even if you’re not there!

Children who are younger than five can be at risk if they’re active and curious. They may sit on a windowsill without realizing that the window isn’t strong enough for their weight, which could cause them to fall when you aren’t looking

Security screens are built to even prevent accidents like these whereas standard fiberglass window screens only offer the illusion of safety and security. Premier security screens as well as child safety screens can withstand the force of a child pushing on them. If this is something you know your child does, make sure to check with the manufacturer before purchasing any regular old screens.

Ways to Save Money on Home Security Door & Window Screens - SP Screens

Security screens are also pet proof. We see it all the time, torn beaten and ragged sliding door screens. Animals love to claw and even climb these screens whenever their owner steps away for a minute. Unfortunately, standard window and door screens can not withstand their claws and rip very easily. Steel mesh security screens can withstand the wear and tear from animals living in your home.

On the reverse end, if you live in an area with a lot of large wildlife predators like bears or mountain lions, security screens will be able to keep these creatures out. Protecting your loved ones from danger.

Theft Protection

Premier security window and door screens make it very difficult for burglars to gain entry to your home. They are not able top be penetrated by knifes, hatchets or even crow bars. The only thing that can cut through them are large power tools, which would make too much noise and take too long for your average burglar to use.

Burglars are easily discouraged from breaking into your house when you have security screens installed. If they spot these home defense tools, then it’s likely that the criminal will not want to waste time trying to gain access to your home and instead look for an easier target.

You can also combine security screens with sensors that warn you of the presence of intruders. Motion sensors, monitored cameras and flood lights work great in combination to security screens.

What to Consider When Buying Security Screens

If you live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA) don’t worry, security screens from Security Plus Las Vegas are HOA compliant. It’s just a simple matter of filing a form with your HOA and having them sign off on the installation of your new security screens.

One size fits all screens are available at vendors such as Home Depot however, if you want the best quality screens its best to hire an expert and have the screens custom built and installed. The quality is noticeable just from the feel of the screens. It’s the difference of feeling a Honda door versus a Porsche door. Do your research, shop around and find which company offers the best product at the best price in your area.


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