How a Gas Fitter Can Help Your Plumbing System

How a Gas Fitter Can Help Your Plumbing System


You might be wondering how on earth could a gas fitter be related to plumbing? Can a gas fitter be considered a plumber, too? Well, technically yes. All gas fitters are plumbers since they are involved in jobs that have to do with enclosed pipe systems such as the water system and gas system.


So, if a certified individual is able to do plumbing work, he can also do gas work. That makes sense, right? But then again, if a person is qualified as a gas fitter exclusively, then he might not be adept at doing other plumbing jobs and as such, should not attempt to do any. In Australia, a tradesperson who does not possess the necessary knowledge and skills in gas fitting is not allowed to undertake gas work.


Nowadays, more and more Aussie homes are using gas as a viable substitute for all things powered by electricity. It’s a great way to reduce electricity bills and at the same time, conserve energy. As well, gas is a clean source of energy that is good for the environment.

Gas Fitting – The Basics

To put things in the proper perspective, let’s look into the basics of gas fitting done by any certified gas fitter in Sydney.


First off, gas fitting refers to all of the equipment like valves, pipes, and metres that serve to carry gas from the main up to the fixtures installed in the home.


Secondly, the term refers to a specialisation in that kind of work and only a licensed tradesperson can do specific tasks such as installing and repairing gas appliances, hot water systems, and gas-fuelled heaters as well as renovating in which the relocation or disconnection of gas appliances is necessitated.


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In addition, a gas fitting specialist can help your plumbing system by doing the following:


  • Changing into a different type of source of energy for instance, from oil to gas
  • Repairing your gas cooking appliances like gas range, gas stove, and the like
  • Repairing water heaters that depend on gas for their operations with issues like too hot water coming out or heater refusing to run hot water
  • Installing gas pipes in a newly-built kitchen


Also called natural gas plumber, a gas fitter is precise and careful in his steps as he renders gas line repair and gas appliance installation, with safety as his first and main priority. You know, gas is highly dangerous and with just one mistake, it could result in injury to oneself and destruction to property. And that is why you should hire only a licensed gas fitter in Sydney.


You must do a background check before hiring particularly on his qualifications, experience, and expertise. Ask for his licence card, especially on the back part where the registered classes are listed. If you have no idea where to find a professional gas fitter in Sydney, go check out this link.