How To Better Organise Your Kitchen

The kitchen, the hive of homely activity. From the creation of lots of culinary treats (or tragedies), to doing late night office work or homework; the kitchen is used a lot. It can also be left in quite a mess with utensils, aprons, and appliances left scattered around the place.


A cluttered kitchen is a frustrating kitchen. Not being able to find things easily and there never enough room to prepare food. A new kitchen can be the best excuse for a fresh start; kitchens Bangor can help you create a space that is functional and looks great at the same time. There are also some additional ways that you can make sure your kitchen stays a clean and tidy room, with plenty of countertop space!


When did you last use it?


We all know that when it comes to kitchen utensils, there are going to be things we use a heck of a lot more than others. The key to an organised kitchen is being able to recognise how often things are being used, and have them placed accordingly. So the plates that you use every day should be within easy grabbing distance, and that expensive and fancy dining set for special occasions can be hidden away somewhere. These rules can also be applied to food products – so those much loved herbs and spices making their way to the front of the shelf or the rack ready to be loving added to dinner.


Hang it up!


A big kitchen mistake is to only think of using your cabinets or drawers as places to store your items. Clever storage is going to be your new best friend! For those pesky aprons and tea towels, place hooks on the walls or on the back of cabinet doors. There is also a growing trend for hanging utensils from the wall on hooks to maximise countertop space. Ceiling storage is also a big trend in smaller kitchens – by having hanging storage you can hook up your pots and pans and get them out of the way.


Get a whiteboard or corkboard


When we are talking about kitchen organisation, we don’t just mean the kitchen itself. This is a room that is frequented by each and every member of the family throughout the course of the day. The kitchen is a great place to leave important notes and messages for everyone to see. Whiteboards and cork boards are a great way to note things down such as jobs or shopping lists – they can also look very decorative and they can help to form a nice focal point in the kitchen.


Cookery books


These are often tucked away in a cabinet somewhere, taking up valuable storage space. Instead, why not arrange them artfully on their own shelf and make them a focal decorative piece in the kitchen. It is best to have them away from the sink or the cooker to avoid accidents or damage, but have them close enough to grab for when you can’t quite remember a recipe!When it comes to kitchen organisation, the possibilities really are endless. Kitchens North Wales are always on hand to help you maximise the space in your kitchen.