How To Fix Automatic Doors

How To Fix Automatic Doors

We use automatic doors almost every day. They are available in most grocery stores and an essential part of any retail store as they are often the first thing that customers interact with when they enter your store. Your automatic door must be working correctly every day.


In most cases, Customers can route through either the automatic sliding door or one of the doors if one fails. Don’t panic if your automated door doesn’t work. You can simply switch off the automatic door, and then manually open the doors for customers. This article will help you as we will tell you how to fix automatic doors and also we’ll be sharing some tricks and tips. Keep reading to learn more.

Tips To Fix The Automatic Doors:

Check the power switch and circuit breaker

Check the power switch first. All automated doors have one on and off switch. Check the circuit breaker if the power is still on but the automatic sliding doors are not closing. The circuit breaker may have tripped. This can be fixed by simply resetting it.

Doors Move & Suddenly Stops

Turn on the power for the automatic doors. The automatic sliding doors will open and then stop. If the door doesn’t open fully, turn off the power and switch to “Off”. Slide the doors open manually and close them. Check for any obstructions. If the automatic sliding door jams when you push it manually, it could be a broken top roller, broken bottom guide, or other issues.

Doors Don’t Move When Power is on

Each door panel should be carefully inspected as sometimes, the door panels appear to be in place but may have a slight swing. Every day, pedestrians carrying shopping bags or shopping carts hit door panels. The door can snap if it is hit too hard. To make sure all of the doors are correctly placed, switch off the electricity to the system. Next, manually lift each door panel out and snap them in place. And then turn it on again to see if it starts again.

Doors Stay Open And Will Not Close

There is a sensor in all automatic sliding doors. Most automatic doors have a light display. The sensor covers will light up when the trigger is applied. Look down from the sensor’s path to check if it is lit. Next, check that the outside sensor’s led isn’t lit up. If the LED light display on the sensor is lit up, it means that the sensor has been activated and the door is open. Check the path of the sensor to see if there are any obstructions, such as shopping carts.

Inspect the Doors and Header

This may seem simple but it is quite difficult. You would be amazed at the things you can find out by simply looking at your door panels and header. Any unusual or out-of-place items should be investigated. Maybe the timing belt may have snapped or you might see a loose cable sticking out of the header. You will often see bits of the damaged component, such as the bottom wheel or guide.


A door that opens automatically is convenient, but it can also be costly. You can avoid costly repairs, but it is impossible to avoid them. There are some things you could do to avoid the cost. You can maintain the door regularly not only when they break down. And with our article, I hope it will help you to learn how to fix automatic doors.