How to Set Up Your Home Office for a Video Conference Call

How to Set Up Your Home Office for a Video Conference Call


Whether you work for your company remotely or have a small business, video conferencing can help you achieve your goals. Some teams use it on a daily basis to hold their meetings, while others use video chat to close new accounts or consult with their clients. Whatever your reasons for needing screen time, it’s important to have the right supplies. This guide will explain the software or applications you need to make your calls. You’ll also receive advice on how to set up your desk and office for the most productive meetings possible.

Windows & Lighting

If you want to be productive in your home office, you need plenty of natural light. Overhead lighting can increase the glare on your computer screen, which makes it difficult to see the people on your conference call. Glare contributes to eye strain, which can make your eyes hurt or cause headaches. Instead of relying on artificial lights, incorporate sunlight instead. Natural lighting is much softer than lamps. According to Healthline, getting sunlight during the day can also help to boost mood and increase your natural stores of vitamin D, so make sure to get outside at least one time every day.


The right shades or blinds can help enhance the natural light in your office without making the room too bright. While you’ll increase the energy in the room and feel more productive, you’ll be more visible to your conference callers. Your home office will also look more professional. Solar shades are an excellent choice for large windows or rooms that get excess sunlight. While they have the power to block up to 99 percent of the sun’s rays, you’re free to choose varying degrees of protection and coverage for your personal and professional needs. Choose from colors that match any home décor. Most models come in accessible and fashionable colors like white, ivory, and charcoal. These window treatments would also help stop your dog from barking on what they see outside.


You may also choose from various types of vertical blinds. Whether you prefer fabric, high-quality PVC or wood grain, these popular window coverings help you let in the perfect amount of natural light. While reducing or eliminating excess heat and glare, you’ll also enjoy an ideal amount of security and privacy. A simple tilt of the blind panels is all you need to adjust the level of brightness in the room and make it impossible to see inside.

Office Furniture

First, place your desk where you have the most natural lighting. Next, position it so it keeps you productive during your video calls. According to the principles of feng shui, the position for a desk is facing the door of the room. Known as the “commanding position,” this placement will allow you to see who is coming in your office and what’s happening in other areas of the house. It’ll also prevent you from getting startled or caught off guard while you’re in the middle of a call.


Now, it’s time to choose the right chair. An ergonomic office chair will help keep you comfortable and alert while avoiding work-related back problems. If you live in a shady area or you need a little extra light to see properly, choose a small desk lamp with a soft lightbulb. The ambiance will keep you calm and relaxed while providing you with the perfect amount of brightness. Remove excess clutter. While your desk doesn’t have to be completely barren, it should be free of excess papers and supplies. Cleanliness will keep you stress-free and productive while instantly enhancing the look and feel of your space. It’s so much easier to focus in a clean work environment.


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Computers & Hardware

Most people use a computer or laptop for their video conference calls. Some types of software allow you to use your tablet or smartphone, but make sure to choose whatever makes you feel most productive while still maintaining a professional look. It can be hard to hold your phone and take notes at the same time during a conference call. Make sure that if you are using your phone, you’ve set yourself up to work effectively.

Whatever type of technology you select, be sure to test the camera and microphone ahead of time. You may also want a headset. Headphones can help you to hear your clients or team members. If you get distracted by outside noise, noise-canceling models can also help you to focus.

Applications & Software

If you’re an employee of a small business or a corporation, use their video conferencing software. Set it up on your computer or laptop the day before your meeting. If you run into any hardware or application issues, you can handle them before it’s time to do business. Freelancers and small business owners may be interested in the video conferencing tool that is right for them.


According to Business News Daily, you should consider the number of average users you’ll have on one call, as well as how familiar you are with this type of technology. It’s also helpful to think about if you’ll ever need to use the application on your tablet or smartphone, as well as if the software is intended for customer support. Some tools are free, while others feature a monthly or yearly subscription fee. By reviewing an application’s specifications and creating a budget for all of your software systems, you can choose the video conferencing product that is right for you.


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Making Productive Video Conference Calls

Video calls are one of the most helpful tools in the modern workplace. Remote professionals can stay connected with their fellow employees, clients, and vendors, no matter where they are in the world. It may also be possible for your company to garner more work or find new customers. Designing a productive home office and testing your software can help you to feel more motivated on a daily basis. Depending on the way you look at it, it may even be a catalyst for boosting and energizing your career.