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Floor Sanding


At Floor Sanding Northern Beaches, we bring your hardwood floors back to life with our trusted hardwood floor refinishing and sanding. We also provide professional hardwood flooring installation with Floor Polishing Eastern Suburbs. Our company has a trained crew that provides exceptional services at reasonable rates. Contact Floor Sanding North Shore today to request an estimate for our floor sanding and polishing services.

Wood Floor Refinishing and Sanding

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches’ wood floor refinishing makes your floorings as good as new. When your floors are scratched or discolored, allow us to come to your home and show you that no floor can be hopeless for us, we will perform sanding a section and apply some stain to show you what miracles we can perform.

We, at Floor Polishing Eastern Suburbs, not only add beauty to your home but also help to improve its aesthetics and value. Due to the durability of hardwood, they can be installed in every room of the house. We also recommend such flooring for people who suffer from dust allergies since they are easier to clean.

There are many hardwood floorings you can choose. Some of them are-

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry

Exotic woods like

  • Brazilian
  • Cherry
  • Bamboo

Our flooring experts can help you to choose the right hardwood flooring that is the perfect match for your budget and your home. We will consult with you so that we can execute your dream as far as possible.

Carpet Removal

Whether you want to shift to hardwood floors or want to uncover the wooden floors beneath, we can provide both services. If you want to remove your old carpets to expose the beautiful floors underneath, we are here for you. The floorings that are covered with carpets for years become just as good as new with a simple refinishing. We don’t need to install new floorings if you have existing hardwood floors underneath a carpet. After we remove the carpets, our experts at Floor Polishing Eastern Suburbs will restore them to their original beauty.

Areas Serviced

We provide our services in all possible areas of the house.  Avail of our services in all corners of your house or office-

  • Staircases
  • Hallways
  • Outdoor decking
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms

No job is too big or small for us.  We aim to make our services as accessible and reasonable as possible. Request an estimate today.

Refinishing Stairs

At Floor Sanding North Shore, we can also refinish your hardwood stairs. Stairs are different than floorings, and we know just what will make them shine. Our trained staff can send your stairs and match the finishing to your hardwood flooring.

Wooden Floor Refinishing and Staining

After we have completed the sanding of the desired floors, we use your choice of polyurethane, water-based, or oil-based finishes. At Floor Sanding Northern Beaches, we offer professional preparations before staining your hardwood flooring.

  • All processes of floor polishing are vital and significantly tricky. It requires accuracy and speed.
  • If we prep your flooring beforehand, it gives optimal results in staining hardwood floorings.
  • We know how important this process is. Hence, we only let the professionals stain the hardwood floorings so that you get an even coating that will protect your floors, and last for decades.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

At Floor Sanding Eastern Suburbs, we know how vital sanding is. It is one of the essential steps in hardwood floor refinishing. We sometimes need to use several grades of sandpaper, depending on the floor’s current condition. Our dustless floor sanding machines create only minimum dust that we clean up later. After sanding is completed, you can then choose a darker or lighter finish. There are several colour stain options for you.

  • We use only state-of-the-art machinery that creates a dustless polishing. In the wrong and untrained hands, it can go very wrong. Hence, only our trained team of experts do this crucial job to ensure excellence.
  • After staining, we give the floors a polyurethane coating. If you prefer a more natural finish, we do not use any stain, but only opt for a polyurethane coating on the newly sanded floors.

We can sand out most of the damage to your wooden floor. However, some preexisting issues may remain and can affect the final finish of your floors.

These include:

  • Deep cuts in your floorboards from previous forces.
  • We cannot sand out severe damages since it would mean sanding out the floorboards to a dangerously thin level.
  • Water damage or weathered floorboards are not always recoverable.
  • We might need to replace them entirely since they can be uneven.
  • Urine damaged floor tends to retain dark stains.

Apart from these, we can fix almost all problems with our tools and expertise. You will love the silky smooth finish on your floorboards after our services.

Request An Estimate Refinish Hardwood Floors

At Floor Polishing Eastern Suburbs, we believe in making work more comfortable for you when it comes to finding the best to refinish your floors. Request an estimate today, and our team of experts will come to you.

Remember that all rates and process are subject to the inspection of your existing wood floors from one of our flooring specialists. We believe in transparency. Hence, we allow you to decide on a plan that is suited for your needs, financially and otherwise. Contact Floor Sanding North Shore, now.

Our Motto

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches are a great option for floors that have small scratches, are worn, discolored or have a buildup of grime and dirt. Our services can give you a brilliant finish for a smaller cost than most others. We want to give you all your options so that we can make your floors look great again. Sanding is an integral part of restoring floors, but it is up to you. We are the best when it comes to severely scratched floors, unevenly worn, and such other flooring jobs. Contact us at Floor Sanding North Shore now.