Portable Home Generators – Why You Need One and Where to Use It

Portable Home Generators – Why You Need One and Where to Use It

Portable home generators are absolutely amazing! Quiet portable generators are excellent options when you are in need of electricity. You may be able to survive an hour of a power outage. But two or three hours later, you may find yourself struggling. This is where portable home generators can come in handy. And they are really wonderful if you are without power for two or three days. You must choose the best quiet portable generator when you are purchasing one though. Failing to do so will have you short on power when you need it the most.

What is a Portable Home Generator?

A portable home generator is a source of electricity you can use whenever you lose power. These quiet portable generators are different than standby generators. The reason for this is a portable generator can be moved, while a standby generator stays in one place.

You can plug different appliances, tools, and lights into a portable generator. However, you cannot supply power to your entire home, even if you purchase the best quiet portable generator. This doesn’t bother many people, because they are okay with supplying power to the basics to get through an outage.

The best part is that quiet portable generators are much cheaper than standby generators. Plus, you can use these portable generators for those times you are away from home and need a little power to survive.

Where to Use a Portable Home Generator

While many people use quiet portable generators at their home, there are other places you can use them. We recommend taking them camping with you. When you do, you can turn on lights and power other items in the middle of nowhere.

Portable generators are also helpful if you are performing a project somewhere that has no power. There are hundreds of options for using portable generators if you keep an open mind.

8 Reasons You Need a Portable Home Generator

There are dozens of reasons you need a quiet portable generator for your home, campsite, or other location. We are going to focus on the most popular reasons why many people purchase a portable generator.

1. Save Your Food

We know the first thing you think of when you lose power at your home is all the food you have stocked up in the fridge and freezer. After all, a power outage never happens before you go the store! Simply plugging your fridge and freezer into your quiet portable generator and turning it on will keep everything cold and frozen. Doing this one simple thing can prevent you from needing to throw everything out and restocking all over again.

2. Keep the Lights On

You may not need lights during the day, but the darkness of the night will make life miserable if you are not prepared. Instead of lighting candles and taking the chance they will start a fire, you can plug a lamp or two into a best quiet portable generator. Your family won’t be bored, you won’t have to go to bed super early, and you can even keep up with your regular routines during the power outage.

3. Keep Medical Devices Powered Up

If anyone in your family requires assistance from medical devices, you know how important electricity is for your home. A quiet portable generator is a must to keep those medical devices running when the power is out.

4. Keep Flooding to a Minimum

Some power outages occur when there is a major storm. If a thunderstorm is bringing a lot of rain, you may experience some flooding in your home. No power could mean a ton of water damage that could be prevented by simply plugging a sump pump into a portable generator. The sump pump can continue working to keep the water out of your home and you won’t have any extra stress from losing power.

5. Keep Working

So many people have been working at home this year. A power outage can mean lost time at work in addition to no electricity. The best quiet portable generator will allow you to keep your internet going strong, so you can finish your business day without taking any time off.

6. Keep the Water On

If you are a person that relies on a well for water, you will be thrilled to know you don’t need to be waterless when the power goes out. Instead, you can easily plug your well pump into the best quiet portable generator to keep the water flowing in your home. This means you can still wash your hands and flush the toilets for as long as the power is off.

7. Make Those DIY Projects Go Faster

Do you hate it when batteries die when you are in the middle of a DIY project? And then needing to recharge them before you can continue working? Most of the time this happens because you are working in an area where you do not have power. Therefore, you cannot simply plug in a tool for the work you are doing.

Well, you don’t need to worry about charging batteries and not having electricity when you have a portable generator handy! You can easily bring a portable generator out to where you are doing your DIY project and use it to power all the tools you are using.

8. Camp in Style

No more dead smartphones, warm water, and cooking in the dark when you take a quiet portable generator with you when you are camping. A portable generator can be used to charge your phone and even keep a small fridge running. There are even portable generators that can keep an RV powered up with all the necessities when you are away from home.

Two well-vetted options for quiet portable generators are the Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator and the ExpertPower Omega 288 Portable Generator.

These are eight reasons why you need a portable home generator. There are going to be others that you discover once you start using one of the quiet portable generators that are available. We recommend reading some reviews to determine which best quiet portable generator is perfect for your needs. This will ensure you can power up everything you need to when the electricity goes out.