Pool Trends to Provide You with an Oasis This 2021

Since the pandemic started, homeowners have had to find creative ways to turn their homes into convenient offices-cum-houses and luxury getaways. Now more than ever, we need to permit ourselves to make the home upgrades we’ve always dreamed of making but didn’t have time or resources to, especially since we’re spending more time indoors than we ever have before. Here are some pool upgrades and trends to explore and embrace this 2021 because you and your family deserve to have some fun and comfort under the sun.

Spa Features

Since hotel and spa getaways are out of the question as long as COVID-19 rages on, incorporating spa features into our home pools will be one of the hottest pool trends of 2021. Companies like Bullfrog Spas provide the ultimate in hot tubs and luxury spas, and they allow clients to customize their pools and tubs according to their lifestyle, tastes, and what looks best in their homes. These spas are also beautifully ergonomic, which means they naturally follow the curvature of people’s bodies for maximum relaxation and comfort.

Outdoor Living

There will also be an emphasis on outdoor living, as more people would want to find ways to soak under the sun without going to the beach or a communal pool. When we need to battle the symptoms of cabin fever, we can always find ways to extend our living spaces to our backyards. In 2021, there will be an emphasis on building structures in our green spaces for entertainment, recreation, and functionality. Homeowners will invest more in gazebos, pergolas, and other kinds of overhead structures to provide protection from the elements and to help accompany their swimming pools.

Saltwater Systems

There is something entirely healing and unique about swimming and soaking in saltwater, especially since it requires less treatment from chemicals. Saltwater systems may be a bit more expensive than their pool water counterparts, but some companies provide clients with a saltwater pool experience for less. This option is for homeowners who want to avoid chlorine spikes and want a more natural swimming experience in their home pools.

Sand Pools

Closely related to saltwater systems are sand pools, which is a great way to give homeowners a “beach” feel without actually having to go to the beach. They are exactly as their name suggests—they are swimming pools that look like beaches, with the pool entrance looking like a shore.

The way to achieve this look is through a special mix of loose sand and binding agents, completely attached to the concrete surface of the swimming pool’s structure. Simultaneously, the entrance to the pool begins with a soft ramp on level zero, which gives the feel of a real beach. There would be no need for ladders or stairs, too.

This special feat of engineering provides backyard pools with the look and feel of a serene beach and the upkeep and maintenance of a regular swimming pool. If you are a beach lover that has not gone to the beach in almost a year due to COVID-19 restrictions, this home trend might be for you.

Smart Lighting

Another pool trend to make waves this 2021 is smart lighting, which allows homeowners to control and manage their lighting from their smartphones or computers. It’s not just about convenience, too; this smart lighting technology also provides a range of brightness options and color schemes that can be synced with other security and entertainment systems in your home. Now can you imagine if the lighting in your pool matches your favorite EDM song? That’s a beach party without having to leave your house!

Fire and Water

If you and your family love camping and feel like that’s one activity that was stolen away from you by the pandemic, consider incorporating a fire pit into your pool. It may seem weird and unusual, but the unique combination of fire and water in your yard may be the mesmerizing and relaxing trend you need in your backyard. It’s a great way to provide warmth during night swimming and can be a wonderful way to spend a romantic night with your spouse or partner.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to various feats of engineering and companies who want to provide homeowners with convenient ways to bring luxury into their homes, we can turn our backyards into the lavish getaway we’ve always dreamed of it becoming. Give yourself permission to explore these options and turn your home into the dream house you’ve always wanted it to be.