Solar Installation Companies: What To Look For

Choosing The Installation Team

Most people start with a quote when they are ready to make the switch to solar energy. They shouldn’t just choose the cheapest price, but there are other factors to consider. After deciding on the type of solar panels and figuring out how to finance them, the buyer is ready for the most difficult decision: choosing the installation team. Do you live in Pennsylvania and need a solar contractor?


Exact Solar, one of the best solar installer company in Pennsylvania offers solar products, advice, and installation services to Doylestown PA since 2005. This family-owned business is available to homeowners and businesses. However, solar installers are different in size, experience, reputation, and product offerings. It’s also difficult to evaluate them using standard methods of financing, cost, and general benefits. Installation of solar equipment is not difficult. The job should go smoothly if the team involved is skilled.


When looking for solar installers, consider the following:

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Expert Knowledge

A solar installer must have the right skills to install specific systems. Depending on their location, there are different types of training and affiliations that a company should have. Ask them to show you their certifications. This will let you know if they are experts in the field of solar energy. The installation of any system requires quality assurance. Any crew who is associated with the company should have at least one professional to supervise the work. Although there are many talented solar installers out there, it is better to choose those who have received certifications. You can be sure you will be happy with the results and that they adhere to the most recent standards.

Insured and licensed

All solar installers must be licensed and insured according to the requirements of the region they work in. They vary from one jurisdiction to the next. Before a potential client asks, the best solar installers will give their license number. They should at the minimum have liability insurance.

Experience And Track Record

Solar power is a growing industry that brings together professionals, homeowners, and caravan owners. Contractors now offer solar options in addition to their regular electrical, plumbing and roofing work. This is a trend that is expected to continue growing and has been going on for many years.

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It’s important to look for solar installers who have a track record of installing the system you are interested in. It’s not a shame to ask for statistics on the number of systems they have installed. Referrals are also a smart thing.

Avoid Sub-Contracting

Sub-contractors are common for solar installers. Although it is fine to have “some”, be cautious of companies that use a lot of sub-contractors. It can be great if they have particular expertise or have worked with the company for many years. There are many risks associated with too many sub-contractors. Ask the company how they choose who to work with and what extra help will be responsible for and why. The property owner has the right to know the details of the job for which they are paying. The best solar installers should also be advisors and interested in the project. They should be available to offer advice and a long-lasting relationship should new products become available.

There are many things to think about when it comes to a company installing solar panels. It’s much easier to find the right people for your solar panel installation project if you consider the above.