Termite Problems In Your Home

A termite problem can be easily spotted from the outside when the damage is extensive on the wood of your home. The signs include wood discoloration, holes in the wood and other signs of termite infestation. Termites are small insects that eat wood. They form mud tubes that serve as their passage way from the outer world to the inner one. These mud tubes are called ‘filaments’ and these become the entryway for them into the house. The destruction caused by termites is not restricted to only the living spaces; they also carry away dead material from the interior of the house.


When a termite problem has started, it shows up in different ways. One sign is when you see wings starting to appear on the wood. These indicate the fact that termites have started building new colonies. If you notice any sort of disturbance in their behavior, then you should take measures to eliminate them at the earliest. You can start new colonies from scratch and in this case, you can’t identify them from the existing colonies.


Farmers are another common termite problem sign that often alerts many homeowners to the infestation of termites. Swarms of termites emerge and start working together in order to overcome the resistance of other termite colonies. They spread infestations all over the house. There is no way to recognize a swarm since there are so many varieties of swarms and each variety could be an infestation of another insect species.


Another termite problem sign is the presence of wetness in the vicinity of the infestation. This is often caused by the pests feeding on the wood in the vicinity of their hives. In severe cases, some homeowners use detergent to remove the pests from their property. But there are many homeowners who say that using such chemicals damages the environment.


Termite colonies survive by fumigating their colonies. This process releases a gas that is lethal to all insects except for the swarms. When there is no fumigation, you can identify fumigation-induced swarm above any other sort of disturbance in the vicinity.


You can also see fumigation inducing symptoms in Formosan termites. The worker ants will start swarming above the soil around the hives. And the worker ants will start digging tunnels in the soil as they work toward getting water for themselves. Such symptoms would confirm infestations of Formosan termites. Therefore, you may take the assistance of an expert if you suspect that you have these critters in your property. Browse through https://bugbrigade.com/pest-control-orlando.html for more information,