What No One Tells You About Garage Conversions

Are you thinking of converting your garage into a living space? If so, you’ve probably done your research and come up with a budget. However, there’s so much more to garage conversions than planning and budgeting. And, understanding every aspect of your garage conversion can better prepare you for the entire project.

Before transforming your space, here are four things no one tells you about garage conversions you should be aware of.

  1. Garage Conversions Are More Affordable Than Adding On

If you’re on the fence about adding on to your house or converting your garage, you might want to consider the latter. Generally, adding on to your home can incur some high costs as you have to construct a new foundation. Depending on where you live, you can spend anything between $20 000 and $ 65 000 for an addition, while garage conversions can cost $ 11 000 on average.

  1. The Value Of Your Property Can Decrease After A Garage Conversion

Most people assume that garage conversions increase a property’s value. While this is true, in some cases, it can decrease the value of your home. For example, in urban areas, homebuyers prefer parking spaces and can actually pay more for homes with efficient parking.

Therefore, if you plan to sell your home in the future, garage conversions may not be a great idea.

  1. Converting A Garage Can Be A Lengthy Process

Obtaining permits can significantly slow down the garage conversion process – it can take up to a year to get the right licenses. And, if you have heritage property or a neighborhood association, it can take even longer. You could be looking at months or more for construction, but this shouldn’t discourage you from converting your garage. An experienced contractor can take the worry off your back for a hassle-free building process.

  1. There Will Be Many People In Your Space All The Time

Once your garage conversion construction begins, forget about spending quiet days watching TV or enjoying your own company. There’ll always be a carpenter or contractor in your space and the endless noise from drilling equipment will make you uncomfortable.