Tips To Hiding Your Spare Key

Tips To Hiding Your Spare Key


You’ve probably heard that hiding your spare key is a bad idea, but here are some tips to hide your spare key and keep your family safe.


Hiding your spare key can be a great way to protect your family in case of an emergency or disaster. There are many ways to hide a spare key, but it all depends on where you live and how easy it is for someone to gain access to your home.


If you live in an apartment complex, the best place to hide your keys is under the doormat. This way, it’s not visible from outside the building and even if someone knows where they are, they have to open the door with their own key first before reaching yours.


If you live in a house or condo complex, it might be easier for someone else to find your spare key if they know where you usually hide it. If that’s the case, try hiding it somewhere else like in an unusual place like inside a stuffed animal or inside a fake flower pot (as long as there aren’t any holes where spiders could get into). You could also use some sort of waterproof container like an empty water bottle or even an empty plastic baggie with some air holes drilled into it.


Use a fake rock or other object that would not look out of place on your property. Place the key inside and cover it with dirt or mulch so that only the top part is visible. Use landscaping tape or nail polish to seal the edges of the plastic container so that water does not leak inside.


Lock Box Alternatives: How to Hide Your Spare Key in a Diversion Safe | SPY


Hide a rope around a tree branch so that when it rains, the rope will get wet enough to fall off but not completely soak through and rot away. Put your spare key on this rope and tie knots between each knot to make sure it does not slip off. Then hide this disguised key near your front door or somewhere else easy to access in case of an emergency situation such as losing your keys or car breaking down in front of your house while you are home alone at night or early morning hours before anyone else wakes up at home nearby or driving by while locked out


Hide it inside an old book somewhere on your property. If there’s an old book lying around on your porch or in another part of your yard, take out all the pages and put your spare key inside! A few layers of paper will protect this from being found.


If you live in an apartment or condo building and don’t have access to an attic or basement, consider hiding it in one of those areas. If your landlord doesn’t allow this, try hiding it inside your mailbox or near your mailbox if possible (and permissible). Or if there is a small shed or storage area nearby that isn’t locked at night, use that as an option as well.