Top 3 Facts About Blocked Drains That Will Keep You Up At Night

Blocked drains are not only inconvenient, but they can be costly as well. For this reason, some people simply leave their block drain unattended hoping that the problem will go away by itself. This only ends up in a bigger problem that will definitely keep you up all night. This article lists down some facts that you need to be aware of when it comes to blocked drains.

Water Quality

One of the facts that you should know about blocked drains is that the clog can affect your water quality. This can be attributed to the fact that bacteria may be able to breed, depending on the severity of the clog in your drain. For this reason, an expert in blocked drain Sydney locals rely on suggests that you address the clog immediately. In this way, you will not be exposed to dirty water that can pose a health risk, entailing the need for you to invest in a water treatment solution.


Another fact that you should know about blocked drains is that foul-smelling odours may enter your home if the clog is severe. The reason behind this is that when water continuously flows in your drain, even the bad odour is flushed away. On the contrary, a clogged drain may dry out, allowing the foul smell to linger. Unfortunately, though, this cannot be addressed by simply lighting a candle. Rather, you need to get in touch with a professional plumber who will be able to help you address the problem accordingly.

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Structural Damage

A blocked drain can also result in structural damage, which is why you need to address this issue early on. Structural damage can stem from leaky pipes that occur when severe blockages occur. These leaks can cause significant damage to your walls and flooring, with pools of water ending up near the corners or in the foundation of your home. Not only is this a costly problem to deal with, but it also puts the safety and security of the people living in your home at risk.

The Bottomline

When it comes to blocked drains, make sure that you attend to them as soon as possible. Otherwise, your water quality may be compromised. You may even smell a foul odour coming from your water sources or worse, your property may be subjected to structural damage which can be costly. For these reasons, make sure to have a blocked drain addressed immediately by the professionals in the field.