Using Fully Automated Robotic Vacuums To Keep Your Apartment Clean

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Robotic Vacuums

When people ponder about home automation, they think about home security systems or Amazon’s Alexa but commonly disregard home automation cleaning technology. Fully autonomous robot vacuums excel at keeping apartments clean with no physical exertion and adhere to a schedule created by the apartment owner. Most people that live in apartments are young and are subjected to demanding work and/or school schedules that disallow them the luxury of having time to maintain the standard of living in their home. Robotic vacuums can be programmed via an iOS or Android application to clean when you are out of the apartment or can be activated to clean a newly accumulated mess. They get rid of all the hassle of physically cleaning your apartment and ensure that your apartment is in good standing by the time you return home from a work or school day. With home automation cleaning technology, the excuse that an individual is too tired or busy to clean his or her home is eradicated all at the push of a button on a smartphone application.

The Magic of Neato Robotics

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Neato Robotics is the industry titan in the world of robotic vacuums. Every apartment living situation can be bettered using Neato’s products. They possess a “D” shape that allows for the vacuums to pose a competitive advantage and access difficult corners that round-shaped competitors cannot access. Lidar technology, which emits lasers that map the layout and obstacles such as furniture in your home, comes equipped with every Neato robotic vacuum and disallows the robot to be caught on debris or other obstacles that can interfere with the cleaning process. No-go lines can also be drawn in your apartment based on the layout that Neato’s lidar technology maps, disallowing the robot to clean certain portions of an apartment based on the owner’s preference. The vacuums also specialize in cleaning pet hair and other quickly accumulating debris and possess a long-lasting battery that can power the vacuum for up to 120 minutes without interruption. Dive in to home automation technology and start absently cleaning your home with the power of robotic vacuums, starting your journey with the industry’s best.