What Makes your Hotel Room Look more Attractive?

What Makes your Hotel Room Look more Attractive?

What a guest looks for in a hotel room is comfort with luxuriousness, a modern well-equipped room is what attracts the people most. Apart from the hotel’s facilities, location, food, decor, etc what keeps a guest at the end is the room in which he is staying. Eventually, it will be one of the main parameters on which he is going to rate the hotel.

Providing comfort is the utmost thing which should be taken care of but in order to attract visitors, attention must also be paid towards making a room modern luxurious. With things like equipping the bathroom with framed shower screens, modern artworks, well equipment the rooms could become more appealing.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make your hotel rooms look more attractive and extraordinary.

Sleeping Mattress:

If you want to make your rooms fancy as well as equally comfortable then you need to make sure that you are providing your guest with the most comfortable bed. As the key ingredient for a guest to enjoy a comfortably peaceful sleep is a high-quality sleeping mattress, clean bedsheets, and nice cushions. At the end of the day, this is all that he’ll be caring about. So go for the best high-quality sleeping mattresses as comfort is the thing no one would ever compromise with.

Gadgets and Electronics:

While providing comfort, luxuries also must not be neglected. Apart from the basic things like a bed, wardrobe,  bedside table, desk, chairs, etc a guest looks for the advanced modern facilities like an air conditioner, television, music system, mini-fridge, free Wi-Fi, etc. These are the things which make a room more appealing to the visitors. Nowadays most of the hotels are using framed shower screens to make their rooms look more stylish and modern and well equipped. you can get these through Willoughby glass, who provides a wide range of styles in framed shower screens.


Lighting is one of the best ways to help to enhance the look of a room. It is a tool that can give the most needed flavour to the room according to the mood. Perfect lights complimenting the room’s décor and colours give the best touch to the room and also creates a great ambience, as the mood and atmosphere of a hotel room are based all on its lighting. There must be enough lights in a room, no area should be left dark and dingy.

Hotel Room


A room without artwork is like a shell out of which substance is gone. Even a well-furnished room with all the modern amenities, providing great comfort, giving a perfect atmosphere feels to be incomplete with bare walls having no artwork on them. Therefore time and attention must be paid to the artwork. Hotel’s décor, lighting, wallpaper, curtains, room colour, etc., all these things must be kept in mind while selecting the artwork. This is the thing that will make your hotel stand out. The theme of such artworks must be happening and unique.